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Very Good

A good addition to the series

posted by mmafan36 (BUCKEYE, AZ) Apr 15, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I'm a huge fan of the Hitman series and for me it doesn't disappoint. It does call for some patience, something most gamers won't enjoy in this want it now world. However, this game does a good job of mixing things up. The graphics are updated, the methods of achieving your objective can vary according to your play style. I don't think there is much replay value after you finish the game due to a lack of multiplayer but who cares. Its certainly worth the rent and the challenge I think you'll enjoy.

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a different hitman experience

posted by Ricky_keim (SOMERSET, CA) Apr 11, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I loved the other games more then I liked this one. that isnt to say this one isnt fun or good its just different. the disguises being fickle and you have to be careful walking around because you dont have complete anonymity and I feel that it does take a bit way from the victory when it comes. it doesnt feel as complete to me this way. I loved being able to get the right disguises and blend completely with the environment. it is your choice if almost getting caught breeds frustration or a tense atmosphere. the game also changes the character of 47 in ways I didnt enjoy. it just seemed to me that he would not behave as he did in the story. but this game is worth your time.

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GF Rating


Agent 47: Master of Disguise

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Apr 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

In the past, I've been tepid on the Hitman series, partially because of the inconsistent gameplay rules about stealth and partly because of the rather cardboard stories and characters. Hitman Absolution is definitely an improvement but still falls into a couple of the series pitfalls.
I guess I'm just the kind of person who can't connect to Agent 47... ever. Unlike the protagonists in other stealth action games, 47 just completes missions that someone tells him to do regardless of their validity. Case in point, the opening of Absolution. Agent 47 is tasked by the Agency (who he never seems to get along with anyway, but still works for) to kill his old handler (who saved his life and who he feels personally indebted to) for reasons they won't elaborate on (because their shady characters, as they've always been). So 47 goes to her villa and shoots her, then decides it's a good time to have a chat while she's bleeding to death to find out why the Agency wanted her killed. He then takes up her crusade, since she's now indisposed on account of that bleeding to death thing, to save a girl with mysterious powers from the Agency and a bunch of other people. It's like if Corvo Attano had actually killed the Empress in Dishonored and then vowed to avenged her death. But I digress...
The gameplay itself works much more organically than previous titles and you get plenty of options to deal with your targets. However, some of the quirks in the controls and the occassional quicktime events seem to diminish your in-game experience. And, still, your rules on staying stealthy are questionable.
The game looks great and offers a contracts mode for players to challenge each other on efficiency. There's plenty of replay value to complete all the challenges in each mission as well. Did I mention there's a chipmunk outfit?
There's a lot of good stuff in Absolution and the series has definitely stepped into the modern age. It still needs work to become a perfect stealth game, though.

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