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posted by Xman245 (LORTON, VA) Dec 1, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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Hitman is back and better than ever. I was very exited to play this game, and its nice to get away from all these first person games like Halo 4and the new Call Of Duty. The game is about when Agent 47 kills one of his targets he feels guilt for the first time, and the only way to get over his guilt is to fulfill his targets dying wish and that is to protect her daughter. The game is a really good stealth game, and it was a fairly long game took me 12 hours to finish. One of the problems I had with this game is that it was limited. There were only 2 game modes, caimpain and contracts. Contracts is where you set up your own missions to challenge your friends. Another issue I had with this game is that when you put on a disguise everyone with that outfit on every one with the same outfit on will detect you. As if they know who everyone is. You can press the instinct button but you can only use it for a limited time. That's all this game is about, being limited. That's why I am giving this game a 7. The game is fun but I just wish that there were more things to do in the game. I JUST WISH IT WASN'T SOOOOOOO LIMITED!!

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Great Addition to an Excellent Series

posted by Holland_Thomas (LONG BEACH, CA) Nov 29, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

Don't let the bad reviews of this game fool you, it is amazing!

That said, it isn't for everyone. If you are a gun and run fan, this will bore you. In order for Hitman to be enjoyed, as with every title in this outsanding series, you must enjoy stealth games. The pacing is slow, the gunfights will kill you. You have to stick to the shadows, use disguises, and strategy to decide the best way to procede through a level. I have played and loved every game in this series, and this one is an amazing addition with tons of new ways to assassinate your tagets. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is magnificent, and the story is interesting enogh with amazing voice acting.

The game is not without it's flaws, however. The need to use instinct when in a disguise is frustrating and takes away from the experience of killing someone only to steal their clothes. The game is fairly short and contracts mode, while fun, offered nothing to keep me playing once I defeated the main campaign.

This is one of those games that makes Gamefly totally worth it. It isn't worth the sixty bucks, due to lenght, but it is a must play for fans of the stealth genre.

BEWARE: you need patience and an understanding of the stealth genre to play. If you are looking for a COD paced action shooter, look elswhere.

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Bad... really bad...

posted by PadreGamer (KIRKLAND, WA) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Oct 2007

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Welcome to the "open world" of outdated games. They tell us what to do, where to go, what choices to make and how, what buttons to press and when...
But they forgot to tell us when to pause to go relief ourselves. No good. They should put more thought into how to play the game for us.

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