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jg reviews hitman absolution

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Feb 5, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

Hitman is one of my favorite videogame franchies the concept of hitman is you a have a target assigned to you to kill by the agency now the best part of hitman in general is that there are SEVERAL ways to do the job or kill the target for example in one of the missons you have to kill the king of china town the local drug lord / drug kingpin he has a contact to whom you can kill take his clothes pose as the dealer lure the kingpin somewhere quiet and empty then kill him OR poison his food when goes to pick it up . The game is a bit more personal then the last three iam not saying that dident have a story but this one goes deep unlike the past three diana 47s handler has gone rougue taking the entire agency to its knees 47 the main character of hitman is assigned to kill her before killing her diana asks for him to take care of victoria a new breed of cloning science from getting into agency and the wrong hands which leads to the games villan sigh...................... blake dexter owner of dexter industries who wants victoria or whats on her neck a kind of neckless the games everything i remember why i loved the hitman games in the first place planning out my kills using street smarts or placing a trap and when it goes off killing your target your already out the door heading to the exit if you can be sneaky smart and not guns a blazing 24/7 youll love this game i loved this game there hasnt been a hitman game that i know of that sucks. I never played codename 47 so i wouldent know the only bad thing this game has is that its short its very short if you dont count the long 4 four areas in one misson setting and yes kane and lynch are in the game since they were made by the same company". kane and lynch can be found on the gunrange and visting the bartender misson +everythings great + 47s back with a vengence +gameplay hasnt changed or made hardcore fans hate the experince - story is way to sh

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by JoggingDead (EL PASO, TX) Feb 3, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

This was a great game and I really enjoyed it. Great graphics and cool kills kept me begging for more. This game has a high replay value in my opinion, theres so many different ways to play the game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

First Hitman Title I've played

posted by alex568icon (ASHEVILLE, NC) Jan 26, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Def a challenging game for me being this is the first one of the series I've played. I loved the story line and the ability to choose wether to run and gun or complete challenges that make the level more complicated. Def worth the rent and play through; will be getting the other series when the triology comes out next week.

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