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GF Rating


Good but short

posted by Adam24148 (RIDGEWAY, VA) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game is a great game but is very short the game company should make longer just when you think game just got even better it ends and it makes you Think there's another mission.

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GF Rating

Above Average

OMG SO LONG!!! But not great

posted by JohnH (MISSOULA, MT) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Gone is the figuring things out on your own. Gone is the huge sandbox. Gone is the realism.

While the levels are short themselves (once you've figured out the completely scripted and linear way they are "supposed" to be solved) are short, the game is insanely long unless you go out guns blazing.

The challenges system shows you near exactly everything you'll need to do for the level and there are little areas for classic Hitman play.

A HUGE pile of garbage is the addition of hiding large objects on your body, have a 6' long sniper rifle and silencer and want to get across the level? No issue, just holster it and it magically disappears. Previous games would require you to break the gun down into a suitcase. Not absolution! Need to carry 4 handguns, a pack of explosives, fiberwire, a sniper rifle, an automatic rilfe AND a fire extinguisher? Just holster everything and it disappears. LAME.

This is Hitman for Dummies, although not completely unemployable, the game mostly involves you hiding behind a barrier, throwing an object, then sneaking to the next barrier and object. Do that for 40 hours and the game is over.

Here's hoping they turn it around into something a little more classic next time. I struggled to finish this and found myself unmotivated to do so. Story was bland and the ending makes about no sense. The "contracts" section is just rehashing the story sections over and over. Rent but don't buy.

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GF Rating


great game with real bad save game issues

posted by pararigger (SAN GABRIEL, CA) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

This is a great game, but you will loose all your saves down the road. I/O Interactive does not seem willing to fix the problem. Please play at your own risk. If it was not for the issues it would be a solid 9.

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