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Great Game!

posted by William2020 (CARNEGIE, PA) Jun 7, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

This game was really amazing! Very detailed and many ways that you can go about achieving each contract. Would recommend to anyone who has time for it. Long game but very worth it!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great but short.

posted by lonewolf1991 (WINDER, GA) Jun 1, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

I didn't care for the first couple of Hitman games, but this one was great. The story was great game play was smooth a couple of glitches and Bleep moments, but nothing too bad. The flaw with this game was it can be beaten in a day. This game has about 14 hours of play in story mode, and has a multiplayer contract mode which I have said before is pointless to me and just takes away from the story, but everyone wants some kind of online multiplayer now, so the length in which you actually play the real game is diminished, but it was still a lot of fun to play and the really did a great job and creating creative, and pretty challenging ways to kill your target.

You can not curse in the review which is why I bleeped it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Absolution delivers!

posted by stevenmoctezuma (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) May 30, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

The Hitman games have provided gamers with a unique gaming experience where you have to consider the environment around you as well as the methods you use, when killing a target as a hitman. Absolution does indeed deliver that to gamers.

The realism behind the game induces the player to feel the frustration one would feel at waiting, observing patterns and trying to find a way to kill cleanly without being seen. But this is a two sided effect, as it also provides players with the excitement of doing so, professionally as the stealthy Agent 47. The game is easier than Blood Money in my opinion, which allows the gamer some ease from that too-real feeling of gaming, which can make some gamers put down the controller and leave. It still leaves the fantastical, bad-assness of being able to kill myriad people, in different ways without being caught. That's the fun of the game.

Although usually the best scores in the game are ones where you hardly touch anything, the game encourages a completely different take on completing a level, such as raging through it, or killing targets and non-targets in more flagrant ways. Challenges allow you to go back to a level and complete that challenge, allowing you different ways to complete the level entirely, leaving you to experiment with the rest.

Absolution is indeed the longest game and for some players that'd be a turn off, although I don't know why. The campaign is all you'd really play it for, and being as long as it is, it is almost worth buying. The developers worked extremely hard in making this game last, and were insanely imaginative in how you can interact with your environment.

The best part of the game was, without doubt, the level design and all the interactions within that environment -- so much fun and so many ways to kill.
I was more dubious on giving this one a perfect 10, because of the story and minor detection flaws; it was entertaining but could use better writers.


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