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A Heavy Blow

You assassinated the facility leaders

  • r_ignoreGLErrors
    Ignore GL errors
  • r_inhibitFragmentProgram
    Ignore the fragment program extension
A Personal Contract

You eliminated Travis and fulfilled Diana's contract

  • r_jitter
    Jitter the projection matrix
A Taste for the Game

You completed 10 challenges

  • r_jointNameOffset
    Offset of joint names
  • r_jointNameScale
    Size of joint names

You completed Hitman: Absolution™ as a professional

  • r_lightAllBackFaces
    Light all the back faces
All Bark and No Bite

You assassinated Wade

  • r_lightScale
    All light intensities are multiplied by this
Blood Money

You completed the Contract Basics Tutorial

  • r_lightSourceRadius
    Soft-shadow sampling
True Form

You visited Tommy the Tailor and acquired a new suit and gloves

  • roq
    Encode a roq file
True Potential

You unlocked a technique

  • runaas
  • runAAS
    Compile an AAS file for a map
  • runAASDir
    Compile AAS files for all maps in a folder
  • runreach
  • runReach
    Calculate reachability for an AAS file
Under Wraps

You hid a body

  • s_cacheinfo
    Unknown 1
  • s_cacheinvalidate
    Unknown 2
  • s_constantAmplitude
    Unknown 3

You made a kill look like an accident

  • s_doorDistanceAdd [number]
    Reduce sound volume
Step Into the Light

You found your way through the mines

  • reload
  • reloadanims
    Reload animations
  • reloadARBprograms
    Reload ARB programs
  • reloadCgPrograms
    Reload CG programs
  • reloadDecls
    Reload decls
  • reloadEngine
    Reload engine down to including the file system
  • reloadentitydefs
  • reloadfx
  • reloadguis
  • reloadGuis
    Reload GUIs
  • reloadimages
  • reloadImages
    Reload images
  • reloadLanguage
    Reload language dict
  • reloadmodels
  • reloadModels
    Reload models
  • reloadScript
    Reload scripts
  • reloadshaders
  • reloadsounds
  • reloadSounds
    Reload all sounds
  • reloadsoundshaders
  • reloadSurface
    Reload the decl and images for selected surface
The Bartender Always Knows

You questioned the bartender

  • remove
    Remove an entity
  • removeline
    Remove a debug line
The Final Countdown

You assassinated Blake Dexter

  • renderbump
    Render a bump map
  • renderbumpflat
  • renderbumpFlat
    Render a flat bump map
The Killing Fields

You eliminated the Saints

  • reportImageDuplication
    Check all referenced images for duplications
  • reportSurfaceAreas
    List all used materials sorted by surface area
The Russian Hare

You performed 47 headshots using a sniper rifle

  • rescanSI
    Rescan serverinfo cvars and tell game
Thumbs Up

You liked a contract

  • reset
    Reset a cvar

You executed a point shooting with at least 3 kills

  • r_terrainScale
    Vertically scale USGS data

You subdued the person

  • r_testARBProgram
    Experiment with vertex/fragment programs
  • r_testGamma [number]
    if over 0, draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels
  • r_testGammaBias [number]
    if over 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels
  • r_testStepGamma [number]
    if over 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels

You bought an upgrade for a weapon

  • r_useCachedDynamicModels
    Cache snapshots of dynamic models
  • r_useClippedLightScissors [0-2]
    0 = full screen when near clipped, 1 = exact when near clipped, 2 = exact always
  • r_useCombinerDisplayLists
    Put all nVidia register combiner programming in display lists
  • r_useConstantMaterials
    Use pre-calculated material registers if possible
  • r_useCulling [0-2]
    0 = none, 1 = sphere, 2 = sphere and box
  • r_useDeferredTangents
    Defer tangents calculations after deform
  • r_useDepthBoundsTest
    Use depth bounds test to reduce shadow fill
  • r_useEntityCallbacks [number]
    If 0, issue the callback immediately at update time, rather than deferring
  • r_useEntityCulling [0 or 1]
    0 = none, 1 = box
  • r_useEntityScissors [0 or 1]
    1 = Use custom scissor rectangle for each entity
  • r_useExternalShadows [0-2]
    1 = skip drawing caps when outside the light volume, 2 = force to no caps for testing
  • r_useFrustumFarDistance [number]
    if not 0, force the view frustum far distance to this distance
  • r_useIndexBuffers
    Use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for indexes
  • r_useInfiniteFarZ
    Use the no-far-clip-plane trick
  • r_useInteractionCulling [0 or 1]
    1 = cull interactions
  • r_useInteractionScissors [0-2]
    1 = use a custom scissor rectangle for each shadow interaction, 2 = also crop using portal scissors
  • r_useInteractionTable
    Create a full entityDefs * lightDefs table to make finding interactions faster
  • r_useLightCulling [0 or 3]
    0 = none, 1 = box, 2 = exact clip of polyhedron faces, 3 = also areas
  • r_useLightPortalFlow
    Use a more precise area reference determination
  • r_useLightScissors [0 or 1]
    1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each light
  • r_useNodeCommonChildren
    Stop pushing reference bounds early when possible
  • r_useNV20MonoLights
    Use pass optimization for mono lights
  • r_useOptimizedShadows
    Use the dmap generated static shadow volumes
  • r_usePortals[0 or 1]
    1 = use portals to perform area culling, otherwise draw everything
  • r_usePreciseTriangleInteractions [0 or 1]
    1 = do winding clipping to determine if each ambiguous tri should be lit
  • r_useScissor
    Scissor clip as portals and lights are processed
  • r_useShadowCulling
    Try to cull shadows from partially visible lights
  • r_useShadowProjectedCull
    Discard triangles outside light volume before shadowing
  • r_useShadowSurfaceScissor
    Scissor shadows by the scissor rect of the interaction surfaces
  • r_useShadowVertexProgram
    Do the shadow projection in the vertex program on capable cards
  • r_useSilRemap
    Consider verts with the same XYZ, but different ST the same for shadows
  • r_useStateCaching
    Avoid redundant state changes in GL_*() calls
  • r_useTripleTextureARB
    Cards with 3+ texture units do a two pass instead of three pass
  • r_useTurboShadow
    Use infinite projection with W technique for dynamic shadows
  • r_useTwoSidedStencil
    Do stencil shadows in one pass with different ops on each side
  • r_useVertexBuffers
    Use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for vertexes
Set for Life

You earned 1 million contract dollars

  • rb_showActive
    Show rigid bodies that are not at rest
  • rb_showBodies
    Show rigid bodies
  • rb_showInertia
    Show the inertia tensor of each rigid body
  • rb_showMass
    Show the mass of each rigid body
  • rb_showTimings
    Show rigid body cpu usage
  • rb_showVelocity
    Show the velocity of each rigid body
Signature Weapons

You re-gained your signature Silverballers

  • recordcmddemo
  • recorddemo
    Start recording game demo
  • recordDemo
    Record a demo
  • recordViewNotes
    Record current view position with notes
Silent Assassin

You achieved Silent Assassin

  • reexportmodels
    Re-exports models
  • regenerateworld
    Respawn all dead enemies and destroyed objects
  • regenerateWorld
    Regenerates all interactions
Like Stealing Candy From a Baby

You circumvented Lenny's crew and secured Lenny

  • r_showAlloc
    Report alloc/free counts
  • r_showCull
    Report sphere and box culling stats
  • r_showDefs
    Report number of modeDefs and lightDefs in view
  • r_showDemo
    Report reads and writes to the demo file
  • r_showDepth
    Display contents of the depth buffer and the depth range
  • r_showDominantTri
    Draw lines from vertexes to center of dominant triangles
  • r_showDynamic
    Report stats on dynamic surface generation
  • r_showEdges
    Draw the sil edges
  • r_showEntityScissors
    Show entity scissor rectangles
  • r_showImages [0-2]
    1 = show all images instead of rendering, 2 = show in proportional size
  • r_showIntensity [number]
    Draw screen colors based on intensity; red = 0, green = 128, blue = 255
  • r_showInteractionFrustums [0-3]
    1 = show frustum for each interaction, 2 = also draw lines to light origin, 3 = also draw entity bbox
  • r_showInteractions
    Report interaction generation activity
  • r_showInteractionScissors [0-2]
    1 = show screen rectangle which contains the interaction frustum, 2 = also draw construction lines
  • r_showLightCount [0-3]
    1 = colors surfaces based on light count, 2 = also count everything through walls, 3 = also print overdraw
  • r_showLights [0-3]
    1 = just print volumes numbers, highlighting ones covering the view, 2 = also draw planes of each volume, 3 = also draw edges of each volume
  • r_showLightScale
    Report scale factor applied to drawing for overbrights
  • r_showLightScissors
    Show light scissor rectangles
  • r_showMegaTexture
    Display all the level images
  • r_showMegaTextureLabels
    Draw colored blocks in each tile
  • r_showMemory
    Print frame memory utilization
  • r_showNormals
    Draw wireframe normals
  • r_showOverDraw [0-3]
    1 = geometry overdraw, 2 = light interaction overdraw, 3 = geometry and light interaction overdraw
  • r_showPortals
    Draw portal outlines in color based on passed/not passed
  • r_showPrimitives
    Report drawsurf/index/vertex counts
  • r_showShadowCount [0-4]
    Color screen based on shadow volume depth complexity
  • r_showShadows [0-2]
    1 = visualize the stencil shadow volumes, 2 = draw filled in
  • r_showSilhouette
    Highlight edges that are casting shadow planes
  • r_showSkel[0-2]
    Draw skeleton when model animates, 1 = draw model with skeleton, 2 = draw skeleton only
  • r_showSmp
    Show which end (front or back) is blocking
  • r_showSurfaceInfo
    Show surface material name under crosshair
  • r_showSurfaces
    Report surface/light/shadow counts
  • r_showTangentSpace [0-3]
    Shade triangles
  • r_showTexturePolarity
    Shade triangles by texture area polarity
  • r_showTextureVectors [number]
    If greater than 0, draw each triangles texture (tangent) vectors
  • r_showTrace
    Show intersection of an eye trace with the world
  • r_showTris [0-3]
    Enable wireframe rendering of the world
  • r_showUnsmoothedTangents [0-1]
    if 1, put all nVidia register combiner programming in display lists
  • r_showUpdates
    Report entity and light updates and ref counts
  • r_showVertexCache
  • r_showVertexColor
    Draw all triangles with the solid vertex color
  • r_showViewEntitys [0-2]
    1 = displays the bounding boxes of all view models, 2 = print index numbers
Not Worth It

You left Lenny in the desert

  • r_singleArea
    Only draw the portal area the view is actually in
  • r_singleEntity
    Suppress all but one entity
  • r_singleLight
    Suppress all but one light
  • r_singleSurface
    Suppress all but one surface on each entity
  • r_singleTriangle
    Only draw a single triangle per primitive
One of the Guys

You blended in and fooled someone

  • r_skipAmbient
    Bypass all non-interaction drawing
  • r_skipBackEnd
    Do not draw anything
  • r_skipBlendLights
    Skip all blend lights
  • r_skipBump
    Use flat surface instead of the bump map
  • r_skipCopyTexture
    Do all rendering, but do not actually copyTexSubImage2D
  • r_skipDeforms
    Leave all deform materials in their original state
  • r_skipDiffuse
    Use black for diffuse
  • r_skipDynamicTextures
    Do not dynamically create textures
  • r_skipFogLights
    Skip all fog lights
  • r_skipFrontEnd
    Bypass all front end work, but 2D GUI rendering still draws
  • r_skipGuiShaders [0-3]
    1 = skip all gui elements on surfaces, 2 = skip drawing but still handle events, 3 = draw but skip events
  • r_skipInteractions
    Skip all light/surface interaction drawing
  • r_skipLightScale
    Do not do any post-interaction light scaling
  • r_skipMegaTexture
    Only use the lowest level image
  • r_skipNewAmbient
    Bypass all vertex/fragment program ambient drawing
  • r_skipOverlays
    Skip overlay surfaces
  • r_skipParticles [0-1]
    1 = skip all particle systems
  • r_skipPostProcess
    Skip all post-process renderings
  • r_skipRender
    Skip 3D rendering, but pass 2D
  • r_skipRenderContext
    Null the rendering context during backend 3D rendering
  • r_skipROQ
    Skip ROQ decoding
  • r_skipSpecular
    Use black for specular1
  • r_skipSubviews [0 or 1]
    1 = don't render any GUI elements on surfaces
  • r_skipSuppress
    Ignore the per-view suppressions
  • r_skipTranslucent
    Skip the translucent interaction rendering
  • r_skipUpdates [0 or 1]
    1 = do not accept any entity or light updates, making everything static
One With the Shadows

You escaped the attention of an enemy

  • r_slopNormal [number]
    Merge normals that dot less than this
  • r_slopTexCoord [number]
    Merge texture coordinates this far apart
  • r_slopVertex [number]
    Merge xyz coordinates this far apart
Partners in Crime

You played a contract made by a friend

  • r_subviewOnly [0 or 1]
    1 = do not render main view, allowing subviews to be debugged
Reach for the Stars

You completed 50 challenges

  • r_swapInterval
    Changes wglSwapIntarval

You remained undetected throughout a checkpoint

  • r_sb_frustomFOV
    Oversize FOV for point light side matching
Information is Power

You collected all evidence

  • r_sb_jitterScale
    Scale factor for jitter offset
It's All in the Wrist

You successfully performed a lethal throw

  • r_sb_lightResolution
    Pixel dimensions for each shadow buffer, 64 - 2048
Jack of All Trades

You collected all 20 play styles

  • r_sb_linearFilter

You infiltrated the courthouse and accessed the jail

  • r_sb_noShadows
    Do not draw any occluders
  • r_sb_occluderFacing[0-3]
    0 = front faces; 1 = back faces; 2 = midway between them
  • r_sb_polyOfsFactor
    polygonOffset factor for drawing shadow buffer
  • r_sb_polyOfsUnits
    polygonOffset units for drawing shadow buffer
  • r_sb_randomize
    Randomly offset jitter texture each draw
  • r_sb_samples [number]
    Set to 0, 1, 4, or 16
  • r_sb_screenSpaceShadow
    Build shadows in screen space instead of on surfaces
  • r_sb_showFrustumPixels
    Color the pixels contained in the frustum
  • r_sb_singleSide
    only draw a single side (0 to 5) of points lights
  • r_sb_useCulling
    Cull geometry to individual side frustums
  • r_sb_usePbuffer
    Draw offscreen
  • r_sb_viewResolution
    Width of screen

You fulfilled Birdie's contract and eliminated The King of Chinatown

  • r_shadowPolygonFactor
    Scale value for stencil shadow drawing
  • r_shadowPolygonOffset
    Bias value added to depth test for stencil shadow drawing
  • r_shadows
    Enable shadows
Faith Can Move Mountains

You have defeated Sanchez with your bare hands

  • r_multiSamples
    Number of antialiasing samples
First Contract

You completed the Creating Contracts Tutorial

  • r_near
    Near Z clip plane distance

You assassinated Wade's men in Chinatown

  • r_offsetfactor
    Polygon offset parameter
  • r_offsetunits
    Polygon offset parameter
Grand Master

You completed 100 challenges

  • r_orderIndexes
    Perform index reorganization
Heavy Burden

You infiltrated the mansion and assassinated Diana Burnwood

  • r_renderer
    Hardware specific renderer path to use
Hour of Reckoning

You caught up with Skurky

  • r_sb_biasScale
    Scale factor for jitter bias
Catch a Ride

You boarded the train and escaped the Chicago PD

  • r_lockSurfaces
    Move the view point
Chamber of Secrets

You located the hotel room number 899

  • r_logFile
    Number of frames to emit GL logs
Competitive Spirit

You created a contract competition

  • r_materialOverride
    Override all materials

You participated in a contract competition

  • r_megaTextureLevel
    Draw only a specific level
Damage Control

You contained a situation gone bad

  • r_mergeModelSurfaces
    Combine model surfaces with the same material
Destroy Something Beautiful

You assassinated Dexter's assistant, Layla

  • r_mode
    Video mode number