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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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posted by bugeater89 (MARYSVILLE, KS) Apr 20, 2007

Member since May 2006

This was a very fun game, but I did have some problems with it. The main one is that when you disguise it says things like "postmen do not carry guns", so you drop all your weapons, but it won't let you drop your fiber wire, and when the guards search you they find it and shoot you. Another major problem is that in the mission involving the park and assassinating the two generals, i found it very hard to get a clean shot because my hand was so unsteady when i was aiming. But a little advice, the unsteady hand on that mission isn't anything that a machine gun can't handle if you use the all weapons code...

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Splinter Cell meets Jules Winnfield meets T2

posted by ADH093 (TAKOMA PARK, MD) Oct 19, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

For those of you unfamiliar with the Hitman series, it features a (as the title suggests) hitman known as 47, a combined clone of five of the most dangerous men in the world. This game is endlessly tense and consistently clever. 47 carries himself like a combination of Sam Fisher's cleverness, Jules Winnfield's intelligence, and all the mercy of the Terminator. During gameplay, you will murder, interrogate, rescue, disguise, and fire more than fifty bullets per second. Like any decent action hero, 47 can fire dual guns with the best of them and take headshots at fifty feet. But the best part of the game is not the wild and massive firefights that ensue if you make a mistake, but the times when sound a fire alarm, dress up like a fire fighter with an axe, and run straight through the metal detector; or the times when you dress up like a chef and poison your target with improperly prepared fish; or the times you walk right up to your target and kill him with a scalpel right in front of his bodyguards.
The largest problem I noticed was that 47, despite his competency, has no unarmed melee attack. Also, the guards seem a bit paranoid sometimes. Still, nothing too glaring.
Definitely the time and challenge it takes to win.
Happy hunting!

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

posted by aphrodisia (HOLIDAY, FL) Sep 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

This is truly one of the most challenging games I have ever played. It was fantastic!!! I am usually a big fan of Tom Clancy and this one comes in as my second favorite.

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