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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Also on:PS2, GC
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posted by 305skatin (KEY LARGO, FL) Jul 25, 2007

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i have played one and two and just added Blood and Money to my game Q. i have to say this series is probably one of the best i have played in a while. everything you do affects what happens in the rest of the game, you can either silently do your contract or just blow down the doors and leave no one alive. I love your choice of weapons and disguises picked up from ur surroundings. i have to give this game a high score.

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Skip this one

posted by ZiggySD (NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA) Oct 11, 2006

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I have played the first one and i have to say, it was REALLY fun! i thought that this one would be better but when i played it i was pretty upset.

It seems they have completely remodeled the game play to be more of a first person than a 3rd person. Plus, they made is way to confusing and, personally, i think the graphics are worse

I say just get the first one and enjoy it while it lasts

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Very Good

Shh im hunting baddies

posted by FLOWDANGO (MORRISTOWN, NJ) Jun 30, 2007

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Hitman 2 is just the sequel this series needed to start off. The first game was good but of course dated and not up to the potential it has. The story in this iteration is still kinda non existent, but the game play is fun and stealthy. This is not a run and gun game you must be a fan of being very sneaky and creative to succeed in these missions. This is what I like about the game you can get into a nice place complete a kill and walk out with anyone noticing yet there could be 4 dead bodies and a couple chloroformed civilians in a closet and no one else is the wiser.

The problems are the levels should have more opportunities to kill a target and an online play should be put in at some point. Also more gadgets and toys should be put in. Rope should be allowed to tie up the knocked out civilians because they will get up and run around if your not fast enough when they wake up!

This game is a great rental for any stealth fan! but more action oriented people should not rent it.

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