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History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided


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Fair, but no winner

posted by orionrepla (LEXINGTON PARK, MD) Nov 11, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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When I first heard about this game, I remember thinking: "A 1st person shooter, Civil War style? Are they kidding?" So I went to Gamefly and sure enough, there it was.

This game is a true rental and I am so glad I did not buy it. Is it really a horrible game? No. Does it get tedious from seeing the same 4 people attack you? Yes (same models used whether wearing blue or gray). Could this game have been something much bigger? I think so.

You get to fight on either side, Union or Confederate. Whether you choose Blue or Gray, you play the same battles, but with a different point of view. The "battles" are more like small skirmishes in the woods near the actual battle. You can always hear the bigger battle, but you never see it. It is mildly interesting to fire an 1861 Springfield, pause to reload, and then fire again. It truly makes you rethink your typical FPS tactics. You can't go rushing in or you end up stuck with nothing but melee weapons.

I think this game could have rocked on the 360 by utilizing the 360's ability to depict hundreds and hundreds of soldiers on a battlefield. I would have loved to been in a large row of blue coats facing a Rebel Charge by countless Confederates. Unfortunately you only get a small taste of the Civil War and at that it's very scaled down.

I give it a 5, mostly for originality and making me curious to try a Civil War FPS. Graphics aren't terrible and the sounds are pretty good. I also like that I get a small history lesson with each new level.

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Try it out and really give it a chance

posted by Gator1 (IXONIA, WI) Jun 15, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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I'm not sure what people are looking for. I found this game very realistic for the era. Don't expect to quickly reload your weapon and run like in CoD. It took sometime to get use to the slower, but accurate reload time... once I got that it was a breeze. Note.. if you put it on hard make sure to save a lot. You'll get that feeling your playing CoD on a higher setting mainly due to a few issues in the game.

Main issue I have is it seems the enemy can shoot though solid objects That makes it a bit harder to fight on higher levels. But the tactic of saving... fight a little... saving repeat helps greatly and you can make it through the game on hard, which I felt is the most realist setting in the game. It's up there with CoD on vetern when you mix with some of the in-game bugs. Main reason I'm giving this game a 7 is due to that, somewhat scaled down attacks in some battles, slightly poor AI and no XBL feature. I think if it could go onto XBL it would be great. On a side note, if your into achievements, put it on easy.. you should be able to get almost everything without much effort. Shoot once and slash your way to victory.

I found this game a great change of pace from GoW, CoD and all other FPS that are out there. I would recommend renting it and really giving it a chance.

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Fun factor doesn't match realism

posted by vtsquirm (HARRISONBURG, VA) Jul 23, 2008

Member since May 2005

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I found this game to be a 5-6 overall game. The graphics and realism are excellent, controls are average to good. You actually do feel as though you are in the heat of battle in the Civil War. The problem is with the old weapons and slow reloading it takes away from the fun factor of the game. I also found it very easier to be confused as to who is on your side, the radar/navigation didn't help me much. Again this may be very realistic, but it takes away from the fun of the game. I was also hoping for a bit more strategy (ex. Axis & Allies or Rise of Nations) but found this game to be purely a shooter. A good rental, but you'll be tired of it the first weekend,

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