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History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided


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Above Average

Great idea, poor execution.

posted by dken2311 (NEW CANAAN, CT) Nov 20, 2006

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I was very excited to play this title. I have loved the newer war games that have come out for PS2 such as the medal of honor series and the call of duty series. I hoped that this would be similar gameplay but taking place during the civil war. This was not the case. The graphics were decent at best and the gameplay was really not all that good either. I can not remember specific complaints as I returned it the same day I received it after about 3-4 missions. What I DO remember though is that it is not good enough to keep for more than a few missions! I sure hope another developer tries to take on the task of the Civil War as a video game down the road, and does it well. It is really a great concept to add to the bundles of war games we have so far. My personal recommendation is to not rent this one, you will be disappointed.

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Very Good

ok game

posted by rydude (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Jul 8, 2007

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I thought this was a pretty cool game and it takes forever to reload just like a musket was like so its realistic. I dont know why everyone hates this game.

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The Civil War, done the wrong way.

posted by CaptGamer (FESTUS, MO) Feb 2, 2007

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History Channel's the Civil War, is a game with serious flaws to game play, that will leave the player highly disappointed.
The game play, is set where you the player participate in history's major battles of the Civil War. Though, the cut scenes showing clips of historic footage is real, doing battle is flawed. As nearly all battles of that time period were done in battle lines, this game seems like you are doing squad tactics during WWII.

Here you can play as either a private in the Union or Confederate army, rather than follow the flow of battle, you are given "mission" to fulfill, using either your rifle, pistol or sword. What surprised me even more was the use of "Hand Grenades", something that never really occurred on battlefields during the Civil War, due to being primitive.
Playing the game, the missions feel awkward, and as a player you cannot use the field to your advantage, buildings and woods are only for display, and the feel is of one where you are set, leaving you no chance to truly use the field to a players advantage. Though, cover is available, and the objectives are clear, it seems like the creators of the game however have made only one path to the objective.

The Game could have been done better and more accurately by having players set up as Generals and giving orders to armies, then watching the results of your decisions.

For a player who seeks a game that is accurate in detail, this game is very lacking. However, if you are a person seeking only a shooter game and don't care for historical accuracy, then this game is for you.

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