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History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

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Couldn't be worse

posted by NeilkCA (YORBA LINDA, CA) Mar 25, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

OK, read the other reviews, my tastes in games are usually less critical than others. Give it a try, maybe it could be fun despite what people said. Do yourself a favor, believe those other reviews. History Channel, you should be ashamed to have your name on this game. On an HDTV with component cables giving the 480p experience, usually crystal clear and beautiful colors on most other Wii games ... this one was block-like characters, hard to see at times, smeared out of focus when you could see them. Trying to aim your weapon was a horror. There was no way you could keep it from wandering around, and like others mentioned, you could only hope to shoot for the fraction of a second that the cross-hair turned red. That was your only indication that you were on target.

The physics did not exist at all. Try to throw a grenade and you end up looking at the sky and stuck in that position for a bit. Enemies appeared out of nowhere, but no fear ... it took a lot before your character died. Even a grenade blowing up in your face, left you standing and fighting. Trying to look down the sights of your weapon gave you a blurred constantly moving image.

Battle for the Pacific is without question the worst Wii game I have experienced to date.

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Above Average

I had trouble with the aiming on this game. Then,

posted by kevinj (SAINT JOHNS, FL) Mar 12, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

I had trouble with the aiming on this game. Then, I read some input on some of the game blogs and got the suggestion to use two hands. Actually, I used one finger from the hand I used for the nunchuk. That provided enough stability to overcome the frustration.

This is a fun and entertaining game. I'm not a diehard gamer looking for supreme challenges. That's the reason I hate Mario.

I like a moderate challenge and realistic chance of beating the game without having to invest hundreds of hours.

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GF Rating



posted by sharks416 (HAMILTON, NJ) Jan 17, 2008

Member since Jun 2005

The game isn't that bad. It is a little hard to control the aiming of your gun with the Wii controller and nunchuk. I found the missions to be fairly easy and completed them rather quickly. Graphics are OK, not the best, but certainly not the worst that I've seen.

If you like to run around and just shoot enemies this is not a game for you. I found very few enemies and most times they just stood in one place and let you shoot them.

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