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History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

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Bad Graphics, Bad Controls, Bad AI

posted by pkessler (LOUISVILLE, OH) Apr 22, 2008

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I'm a Wii owner, so I don't expect the graphics to be anything spectacular, but this game looks like an N64 game. On top of that, being a Wii owner I expect the controls to be unique and intuitive. However, the controls in this game suck, and you can't customize them like you can in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. When you move your shooting cursor on the screen your gun doesn't move until you're almost off the screen. You could use the classic control instead of the wii-mote, but then you might as well just get this game for your ps2, it probably has better graphics for that system. When you finally do get a shot off into the enemy, they are like Terminators and just keep coming at you and some people take 4 or 5 bullets before they die! Horrible!

Very bad game! Not worth a rental!

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Really Bad

Bad, Bad, Bad

posted by Croniis (LAKELAND, FL) Dec 18, 2007

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I had high hopes for this game after playing and enjoying The History Channel Presents: The Civil War on another gaming system. But after loading up the Wii version of Battle for the Pacific and spending about 30min of game time with it, I returned the game as fast as I could to GameFly.

First thing I noticed when I took control of my onscreen character was how jerky the controls were and how impossible it was to aim my weapon with any accuracy at all. The slightest movement of the Wiimote caused my onscreen cursor to move about the screen in an almost uncontrollable fashion. I was becoming dizzy watching myself spin round and round as I attempted to get any amount of control of my character.

Realizing I couldn't play the game this way, I went into options menu to make adjustments. I was shocked to find NO option to adjust the sensitivity at all. In fact, there were NO control options at all.... nothing, nada, zero.

Shaking my head in bewilderment, I returned to the game and quickly depleted much of my ammo trying to figure out how to hit the stationary enemies. Then the moving enemies started approaching and all hope (and the war) was lost.

Unable to kill any of the moving enemy with the small amount of my remaining ammo, I armed myself with my knife, let out a roar, and removed the game as quickly as I could from the Wii.

The graphics aren't horrible and the background information of WWII is interesting. But the terrible controls and awful enemy AI ruined any chance of enjoyment I might have gotten from playing the game. The game actually felt like it was never actually completed, but instead rushed out the door to take advantage of the holiday shopping season.

Battle for the Pacific was a waste of my time and Activision should be ashamed for releasing this game in the manner they did.

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History Channel, Battle for the Pacific

posted by dogeodave (DICKSON CITY, PA) Dec 4, 2007

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This is a POOR attempt at, what could have been a quality game. I'm sorry to say it, but just about every thing about this game is done badly. The aiming is horrible. I could barely control my weapon. The AI is also horrible. At one point in the game an enemy was standing right in front of me with his gun aimed, but not shooting! The motion controls rarely work. About the only good thing about this game is that the weapons look realy good, although the rest of the graphics look like a PS2 game. Battle for the pacific is just not fun. If your looking for a good FPS then I recommend Medal of Honor Heros 2, Call of Duty 3, or Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.

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