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History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

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To quote Thomas Hobbes (completely out of context)

posted by GFR013 (MERRIFIELD, VA) Feb 23, 2008

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this game is "nasty, brutish, and short". To start things off I'll say this game took me just over 2 hours to finish. Granted that was just on easy/solo (perhaps there is more to the multiplayer which I don't really get into), but 2 hours is incredibly short for any game.

The graphics were decent, had this been a game for the PS2. Considering this is going up against things like COD4, GRAW2 and pretty much any of the newer shooters, this is a step backwards. The sound was ok, but frequently everything was drowned out by the consistent artillery (this is probably very realistic I imagine, but not very helpful in a game). I don't know the history of this game but I see it was a PS2 release not too long ago so I suspect this was just a direct port without any sort of update.

As far as the game play itself, there are 10 levels covering various parts of the pacific campaign of WW2. In reality though there are only 2 settings, the landing beach/trench and the jungle level. No matter the setting you are following someone who constantly tells you to keep up, until he randomly decides to stop and wait and wait... until you decide to go on and then he'll complain that you're not following orders and finally start moving again. Regarding combat, the aiming was very generous on your side. The enemy however can't aim, I never had to seek cover and the one time I died was from an artillery shell. Also frequently, you may find yourself in a hand to hand situation because your allies and the enemy would just run into each other (sometimes even ignoring each other until they were close together).

The one interesting thing about the game was the intermix of color documentary footage from WW2. Frankly though there are enough other ways out there to get access to this it's not worth it for that alone. Considering it's a History Channel game I would have thought there would be more special features/info about the settings/battles but none was to be found.

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Really Bad

I should've listened... Pretty Bad!

posted by archquestr (NORTHUMBERLAND, PA) Jun 5, 2008

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Wow, I read the reviews, but I went ahead and rented it anyway... Shame on me! I let my love of History and shooter games convince me that I should at least give this game a try and boy do I regret it.
I had this game for one day, played for 1 hour. I nearly had the game beat.... but I just couldn't take it anymore.
The graphics are incredibly sub-par for a PS3 game (I would even say they stink for PS2)...
The game play is rather slow to develop.
The bad guys are a joke. I'm not sure if you can even die.
Your sergeant is an idiot and the game stalls all the time.
Please... trust the reviews on this site. This game is pretty bad. It is not very fun at all. And you don't even get a very good History lesson out of it!

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Worst shooter game i have ever played

posted by Tokio9 (VAN NUYS, CA) Mar 26, 2008

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Well this game was really horrible overall, the graphics arent up to date at all also i was very frustrated with the AI in this game. the AI your supposed to follow runs alot faster than you can and you spend alot of the time catching up to them or at other times the AI seems to have some sort of a blank moment and doesnt move at all. I played one level and sent this game right back to gamefly cause it simply is a waste of time.

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