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History Channel: Battle for the Pacific


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Battle for the Pacific won in a day

posted by coventry (POST FALLS, ID) Jan 20, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

This one of only a few games I've been able to complete in one setting. You are led through the levels by your battalion sergeant, and penalized by restarts if you don't stay close enough to him. This is the main problem of the game, it allows no exploration and forces you to predict where the sergeant is going to go next if you want to get any shots in at all. Graphically, all characters are motion captured with some entertaining effects later on in the mountains.If you're a fan of history, each level is preceded by an introductory newsreel which I really liked. Conclusion:
This one should've been a $20.00 title to begin with. Definitely recommend renting, not buying...5/10.

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Decent and one of the few WWII pacific games

posted by Ars3nic17 (BROOMFIELD, CO) Jan 16, 2008

Member since May 2007

First off, the graphics to me arent too terrible, tho I have a 1080p hdtv. The landscapes were pretty detailed. Some of the jungle in the missions I would say looked better than the first mission of Halo 3. At any rate, graphics only mean so much. The enemy AI is pretty dumb and just stands out in the open. I played on the hardest difficulty and the game is still ridiculously easy. Almost the entire game consists of you following another soldier closely with him barking orders at you to keep up. You move through linear level after linear level. There really isnt much variety. There are many jungle ones and some in the trenches, and the final mission where you ascend to the top of Iwo Jima. The gameplay was suprisingly fun though so I didnt complain. The cut scene videos from WWII were also a nice addition. Unfortunately, the single player campaign is only 2-3 hours long, and I was playing on hard. That is way below standards nowadays for any first person shooter. I didnt play any multiplayer so I cant really comment on that.

+ Decent gameplay and graphics
+ Cool history-lesson cutscenes
- Horribly short single player campaign
- Repetitive missions and scenery
? If hard was that easy, how easy is easy?
? Why do I have to follow someone the whole game?

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Battle for the pacific

posted by eddiensu (THAXTON, VA) Jan 13, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

This game was a real downer. The boards are why to short just like the game. All you do is basically run and shoot. You have to follow one guy throughout the game and if you do not stay close enough your mission failed. I am so glad I was able to rent this instead of buying it because I would have been very upset. This Is another game from the History Channel just like(Civil War)that was way to short. Do not waste your money go out and rent it.

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