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History Channel: Battle for the Pacific


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battle for what?

posted by ebook32 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 15, 2008

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There is no sense in playing this poorly made game. The game was made in a rush, I guess they were too lazy to write a good level design, story-line, etc. All computer AI are brain dead. If you fallback to take cover, fall behind or don't keep up with your unit, it's game over. This game should only be played if you need to get pumped and mad before a fist fight. Don't rent and please, please don't buy this game. If for some reason someone is giving this game out for free, slap them. You've been warned.

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Above Average

It's not that bad of a game. just too short.

posted by ACustomer (JACKSON, MS) Dec 11, 2007

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The game is not that bad. The graphics are about early Xbox 360 graphics. The gameplay is a little off and the campaign is extremely short, I beat the campaign on hard in 2 hours. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, cause nobody is online on it. Now I don't think anybody should waste there money on this game, but I think it's worth a rental, but that's just me. 6 out of 10 for me.

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WHy did I rent this?

posted by yodathecat (SHORELINE, WA) Apr 14, 2009

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OK so i was browsing games on game fly and I found this game
Gamefly sent it and i was interested in what the game had to offer, at first I loved it because it was good for achievements and i didn't die even on hard, but as I soon learned this games sucks

1. the multiplayer has no one on it
2. controls are not that great
3. no game saves so you have to go back to the beginning
4. the same thing said over and over and over again "move it soidier"
5. you have ALWAYS follow some sgt. so you cant explore, move ahead to much you die stay back in cover it with out warning you will start over
6. HORRIBLE AI like 1986 first time making video games bad AI

Good things
ok graphics
ok achievements (execept for multiplayer)

that's about it
your choice, if you really want to get some achievements then go ahead but beside that 1/10

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