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History Channel: Battle for the Pacific


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What went wrong?

posted by ORGamer (BAKER CITY, OR) Jan 23, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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There have been numerous titles that have come out historically and lately that feature the World War II theater. Unfortunately, gamers have to search through the garbage to get to the gems. This is not one of the gems. What hurts Battle for the Pacific is not only it's short single player (2 1/2 - 3 hours), but the predictable and mostly idiotic AI. You can shoot your companions with no consequence and they mostly just sit around waiting for you to do everything. The Japanese foes are mostly docile and will miss most of their shots at you, even on Hard.

The Multiplayer could have been great...if people actually bought this game. The maps are decent and most of the achievements are multiplayer based. However, no one is ever on so you have a heck of a time starting a game.

-The little explanations they give at the beginning of a mission. History Channel games are notorious for this so I would expect nothing less.

-Historically accurate guns that were used in WWII. Always a nice thing to try to stick with realism, but one again, I expect nothing less from a History Channel game.

The BAD:
-Super-short multiplayer, which for some achievement lovers could be construed as a good thing.

-No multiplayer community. This is really too bad as some of the maps could have potentially great matches on them

The WTH:
-Shooting someone in the face and not dying....really?

-500 kills apiece for using both American and Japanese weapons. Argh...

Overall, I would not recommend this for someone who is looking for a great game to fill their time. I would recommend this to someone who is looking to bolster their achievement score by 1000. I finished this game in a week with all the achievements. If you really wanted to you could finish it in three days. Happy gaming!

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The History Channel needs to focus on tv shows

posted by usmc741 (NORWALK, IA) Dec 13, 2007

Member since Jan 2005

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I wanted to like this game. Finally, I get to play as a Marine instead of the usual army soldier. Imagine my surpise when in the first mission at Wake Island, you're supposed to be a Marine....the game intro says you're a Marine...and then they put regular army grunts in the game. They're even wearing army uniforms with army unit patches. I must has read the box wrong, because I thought it was made by the History Channel (aka The WWII Channel). They should know these sort of things.

I couldn't bring myself to play this game for more than an hour. The first mission is decent, but there are no savepoints, so if you die, you have to do it all over again, which happened a few times. When I got killed 10 minutes into the second mission and had to start over again, that was that. No more.

The graphics are decent and so is the sound. The AI could use some work, unless the Japanese Army used to jump into trenches and then hunch down and stay in one spot. Friendy AI does a decent job of taking care of themselves, which might have been the only bright spot in this game. Then again, I only played the game briefly, so for all I know your squadmates could turn into the Marx Brothers later on.

Again, another reason to love Gamefly! If I would have bought this game, it would be a coaster by now.

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Above Average

Another WWII Shooter

posted by ZackyCakes (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Dec 5, 2007

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Wait! This one is different, you're not killing Nazis in France. I played the last History Channel game, Civil War... so I don't know why I rented this.

It's better than Civil War, but Pimp My Ride is about the only game worse than that one. The graphics are better than average, the AI isn't too bright, and the levels are linear and predictable. Battle for the Pacific is a bland shooter, but I like shooters. I played this for a few hours, beat it and mailed it back to Gamefly the next day. Plus, I learned about history!

I recommend this game to fans of low-budget "weekend games" like Cabela's Hunt the Animal games. This isn't a game that shows of your hardware.

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