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Hexyz Force


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GF Rating

147 ratings

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Technique Master

Execute over 50 Overkills

Traveler of Berge

Play over 15 hours

Treasure Hunter

Open over 100 chests

True Warrior

Deal over 200000 damage to enemies

Veteran Force Scholar

Craft over 100 Forcefacts

Victim of a Harsh World

Have Force Eaters drain over 5000 FP

Keen-eyed Adventurer

Harvest over 50 times

Legendary Hero

Defeat 1000 enemies

Master Force Scholar

Craft over 300 Forcefacts

Raging Demon

Activate 50 Burst Attacks

Ragnafact Blacksmith

Max out one aspect of a ragnafact (best done early while the caps are lower)

Reknown Hero

Defeat 100 enemies. This unlockes the celestis mine and the ragnafact Devasti.

Component Hunter

Harvest over 200 times

Creation Crusader

Purify all force sites

Force Collector

Save over 10000 FP

Force Eater Beater

Kill over 10 Force Eaters

Force Fanatic

Save 99999 FP

Furious Fighter

Have the main character reach level 50

Hard Mode

Complete the game a second time using the clear data file

Sound Test, Gallery, and Clear Data

Complete the game once

Able Combatant

Have the main character reach level 25