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Heroes of the Pacific


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Heroes of the Pacific

Left Thumbstick Left/Right = Steering (Arcade Mode) or Roll Left/Right (Professional Mode). Up/Down = Change Pitch of Plane.
Right Thumbstick Left/Right = Roll Left/Right (Arcade Mode), or Move Vertical Rudder Left/Right (Professional Mode). Up/Down = Throttle. Engage Warspeed (Click).

Directional Pad Give Wingmen Orders: Up = Attack; Down = Defend; Left = Break; Right = Form Up.
A Button Next Target (Press). Closest Air Target (Hold).
B Button Next Objective (Press). Closest Objective (Hold).
X Button Cycle Secondary Weapons
Y Button Zoom In Gunsights
White Button Rear View
Black Button Target Camera
Left Trigger Fire Secondary Weapon
Right Trigger Fire Primary Weapon
Start Pause Menu
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