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Threw my controller in rage.

posted by Zeplin (EL PASO, TX) Sep 23, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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This is my first review ever. But this game left me so angry, I felt compelled to help others avoid this.
Heroes Over Europe or HOE, is another WWII fighter Sim. What set this one apart from the others are the little things; like not being able to change your view. Yep you have two views the entire game, and that’s 3rd person., (Or 3rd plane, but whatever) and zoom. I don't really think that Zoom is a view but I’ll just put it in here. You can’t adjust the camera out or in to get it perfect. No, you are stuck in 3rd person. No cockpit or nose cam.
Another great feature that they added is what the call "Ace Kill". Basically when you keep the crosshairs on a plane for a few seconds a meter starts to fill up and when it does you have a chance to "Ace Kill" your enemy. It works alright but with the time and precision that is needed I just stopped using it because you can usually down the enemy fighter faster without it.
And to the best part of this game. In every single mission but one, there were enemy fighters on my tail shooting me to pieces. And since the game is so objective based if your mission is to kill the bombers and you have, there can still be fighter planes shooting you up. But they are not the mission so you can’t lock on to them to shoot them down. The game is so fast paced that you don’t have time to do aerial attacks correctly. Like attacking bombers from the bottom or the top to avoid their guns. There is not enough time. You will fail the overall mission and have to start over.
I know this was confusing to read. I hope you understood the overall rage that I felt playing this game. And if you like to cry and shake with anger when you play video games, well by all means this is your game. I won’t comment on the good portions of the game. Because I can’t remember them.
Thank you Gamefly, I would have lost hope in all that is good if I had bought this. But you saved me.

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GF Rating


I hated this game!

posted by LinusMax (GLEN ROCK, PA) Oct 19, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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I tried flying the plane for 2o minutes. I couldn't get the thing to fly over the cities. I had very little control over the plane. After the 20 minutes I was so disgusted with this game I simply put it back in the package and mailed it back.

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Really Bad

bad...very bad...

posted by DrFunk (DERBY, NY) Sep 22, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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This game would be alright if not for the following major flaws
1. the friendly AI in single player mode are useless. There is no way to call for help, and they don't seem to do that much.
2. The missions are long and get boring quick. In the one mission, you are going after bombers and can't target the fighters chasing you or call for help from your AI squad.
3. This was the deal breaker for me, the worst xbox live set up for a game I have ever seen. There is no co-op, you can't bring a party into a ranked match, and trying to find a room with more than 3 people takes longer then playing the match. I do like the class groups for the different planes that keeps things even, and I don't mind having only 4 maps, but the "behind the scenes" make up for the xbox live multiplayer
holds this game way, way back.

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