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So much Potential and it is thrown away...

posted by LastRonin (TACOMA, WA) Oct 8, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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As a huge fan of Heroes over the Pacific I had high expectations for the follow-up. With all the awesomeness that is the PS3 who could blame me? I popped in the game expecting a well textured aircombat game and instead got something almost akin to Snoopy vs. The Red Baron. Don't get me wrong, the Snoopy Game was awesome but it seemed the HOE seemed to have the same limited scale of missions. In fact Snoopy had more missions that seemed more exciting and less irritating. Both games seemed to have the same level of realism, which is to say, none. Here are a few examples:
Flying Night Missions over London in the Blitz with an ordinary Spitfire.

Sinking Battleships during the Channel Dash. (Brits did not know it was on until the ships had vacated the Channel.)

Another thing I found irritating was the lack of emphasis on marksmanship and more on the game's Ace Kill feature. The gunsight is freaking huge and is about half the size of your plane. Ace Kill is when you have your aircraft pointed at a target for a few seconds and then you go into Bullet Time where you pick a weakpoint and kill the target. There are several levels that require you to do this to most of your targets. Trust me, it gets old fast.

Lastly, there are not many missions so replay value is low. Aircraft that you do unlock can only be used in one or two missions sometimes. What really digs at me is the number of missions where you must escort targets that are considerable distances from one another. I myself would prefer more seek and destroy missions and less of the "Protect the weak and helpless." Protect them? Man, I would much rather bomb the snot out of the weak and helpless but they wont let me do that! If you want real aircombat then pick up IL-2 Sturmovik. You will not be disapointed!

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Pretty fun action game. However...

posted by secretcola (SATSUMA, FL) Oct 11, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This was a fun game in my opinion. Graphics are good, sound effects are great, gameplay can be repitive but fun, and the choices of popular WW11 airplanes are excelent.

Story mode was very good, you play as an american at first, but then you get to be other people in the game. Missions on this game however, can be the same or taken place on the same map. So single player is pretty good, and I recommend giving this a try.

However, there are bad things in this game. First of all, the controls are not good in this game. If your given a adjective like shooting the ocean mines, you have to get close to the mine in order for you to shoot the mines so the boats can get to land. I ended up doing this adjective 35 TIMES due to crashing into the ocean or the mines. So if the controls are realy bad for you, chances are you would quit this game and send it back to your local Blockbuster or Gamefly.

Secondly, it would be multiplayer (for me). I never got around multiplayer because its impossible for me to get into a game sever. You need a good quality internet connection in order to play online. Like I said, I havent got into a game sever, but all the games there are are dogfight (deathmatch) team dogfight, survival (dunno about this one) and team survival. So if you dont have a good quality internet, dont bother with it.


If you can get pass all the flaws, this is a decent game thats worth playing if you got nothing in your game Q. But if your looking for a the best flying action game, stick with Tommy's HAWX or Ubisofts Blazing Angles. I recommend this for a rental, but not for a buy unless Ubisoft decides to drop the price to $20 or somthing.

Replay Value:7.0/10

Overall: 6.5

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It ruined my life :( & funny quote

posted by DR_BENTLEY (NORTH WALES, PA) Jul 1, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

It made me cry for how much i wanted to break this game like in everybody hates chris the show, the mom says " I do not need this my man has two jobs" Well said right love my reviews

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