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Sadly Disappointing

posted by Supallcomm (WHITTIER, CA) Jul 16, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

I had really good hopes for this game when I read the description a few months ago. However, after spending a whole day playing it, the delivery of the game is unfortunately very lacking.

The comic relief and silliness of the game, while being quite entertaining at first, will really start to wear you down by the time Hour 5 rolls along.

Some of the Jobs are easy, simple to control and fun to play. Some of them are exceptionally tricky and require amazingly adept handling of the Wiimote and Nunchuk, something that very, very, very few of the people in this game's natural young age range will have.

When you play these jobs, it takes a really long time to level up from Novice to Pro to Expert and then Master. The money you can potentially earn increases with each difficulty, but the really weak system of only being able to play ONE JOB at day (in game time) and having to choose from a random selection of 9 jobs each time makes it a slow grind to get to the big bucks.

The worst part is that the pacing of the game is frustratingly slow. If anyone has played any of the WarioWare games, where you literally JUST play minigames very quickly, then you'll see what I mean very early in the game. The flow of doing your jobs and earning money is completely shredded and molested by the constant interruptions of having to deal with either the Meteor that's going to crash into you, your moronic, annoying, inbred, stupid family members and all of the Random Events that happen once or twice a day that sometimes give you a benefit but really just punish you for doing nothing wrong.

This game held such promise to be a fun minigame game, but ended up just being an unfortunate waste of time.

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