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Help Wanted: Don't Answer this Ad

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 18, 2009

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Never thought the Home Shopping Network would be a place to find items that will save the Earth from total destruction.
But in Help Wanted, that's the place where our heroes - a family - gets items they need to stop things from smashing into Earth.
Things like meteors, gigantic wads of gum, huge bowls of noodles, disco (disco?) and other oddities.
But, unlike Congress, our heroes have to earn enough money through part time jobs before they can buy anything.
Each job is a mini game, and doing well in the mini game gets our heroes money.
They use the money to buy more different job openings, things to make the jobs easier, and trivial things to collect in a museum of sorts in the basement of their house (where nobody will actually see it.)
With each dollar spent, they get points. Get enough points and they can get things that will damage, destroy and/or increase the number of days until the object smashes into the Earth.
This is an interesting set up, and the game throws in a few nice twists along the way, but the real problem here is the job mini games are - for the most part - not any fun to me.
Some are very annoying (EMT, Farmer, Grill Cook), and some are boring (Body Builder, Haunted House Crew).
Of the eighteen jobs I've been through in this game, there were only two I liked: Aerial Photographer and Tailor.
Help Wanted has a nice idea (even if it's unrealistic), but the basic game mechanics and mini game designs let it down. SKIP IT.

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this game is awsome

posted by nanatata (LADERA RANCH, CA) Jul 19, 2009

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this game is about saving a world before a rock crushes it. So you have to do jobs to get money and buy stuf.this is a awsome game.

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Above Average

Lots of mini-games, but ...

posted by undedlok (RED LION, PA) May 24, 2009

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...lacking the missing spark to make them FUN mini-games. The controls were unresponsive on certain jobs (mini-games) and others the unresponsiveness seemed to fit the job. The whole idea of meteor striking was original, but extremely uninteresting. Wii'd get bored and let the meteor hit, then Gramps would stop it again. The idea of buying enhancements is great, but the fact you only get one use from them is weak. The game could have been a 7 for just letting you keep the enhancements and upgrade them. Could have been an 8 without the meteor - maybe you have to earn money to pay rent, buy food, just something else.

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