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A Great HellBoy addition!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 10, 2008

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I enjoyed playing this game very much...

If you are a big fan of the HellBoy movies then you would really love this game. HellBoy: The Science of Evil, has nothing to do with past movies HellBoy, and Hellboy and The Golden Army.

In HellBoy: The Science of Evil, You play as HellBoy with his trusty custom pistol revolver 'Ol Faithful'. With different bullet to unload on to monsters or just using brute strength with hilarious remarks as HellBoy demolishes.. Literally, demolishes anything in his way, from monsters, demons, doors, walls, or objects that you can also pick up an smack any monsters upside the head with, as well..

The Gameplay interface resembles to games like Ratchet and Clank, comical remarks and violence with nothing over PG language; there is multiplayer also in this game, with the ability to play threw the entire game Co-operatively online or just using split screen on one console. The graphics also are astonishing with scenarios that take you into very dark, and gloomy nights, too scenarios, that are very tropical with lush plant life.

The only real draw back in this game is the camera. The overhead camera doesn't allow you to position it, but moves along with you as you progress threw locations on a stage, giving it a very movie-like experience.

Awesome game with an excellent story to it. Anyone who likes HellBoy, would enjoy this game.

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Its a decent title

posted by jaeger2 (DENTON, TX) Feb 27, 2009

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While many may view this title as a simple movie based tack on, it stands as a testament to how Krome Studios (the developers) stayed so true to the Hellboy formula, that it holds true all the things that made so many people fall in love with the original comics. And while the gameplay is nothing more than a simple beat-em up, it manages to hold a great aesthetic appeal in terms of depth and the seemingly lack of repetition. Although I don't see this as a solid buy, it is great for a service such as a Gamefly since this title warrants a solid rent simply because it lets people know what makes Hellboy so great. I mean, as a fan of the original comics, I may be biased but it holds up as great introduction to the Hellboy universe and its amazing cast of characters and many of the new villains that the game introduces. In all the sums, its an amazing introduction with completely bearable gameplay that never really gets repetitive. I would recommend it to so many people that it may seem like I am a over flamboyant fan, but trust me when I say that it is a decent good game that warrants a super solid rent.

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Above Average

Good, laid back gaming

posted by compsci78 (GREENSBORO, NC) Oct 27, 2008

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I was very surprised at the entertainment level I received from this game. So often movie games are quite cheesy and put together quickly without much thought. This game was very stand alone and actually I didn't think of the movies at all when I played it. The visuals are not state of the art but they are fitting to the roots of the Hellboy being a graphic novel/comic. It doesn't take the skill of a Call of Duty master to play this game and it is a very casual play in my mind. Once I started playing I was extremely entertained by the game and played it almost the whole way through in one sitting. In all I think I might have spent 8 hours on it. The bosses are exceptionally harder than the regular characters you encounter throughout the game and it does require you to strategize a bit. There are minor puzzles and the only frustrating part for me was falling down from an area and having to walk all the way around the lower level just to get back to where you were and sometimes it was a little tough getting the action to activate.. you have to be standing in the right spot for the action(i.e. elevator) to work. The game spans different areas so it isn't all underground or in the woods.. it also spans different cultures and the environments are all vivid and well representations of the time period and the associated culture. I was impressed with the visual aspect of the game and felt as if I was playing a graphic novel come to life. I suggest anyone that is a fan of Hellboy to play his game and also anyone that is looking for a fun laid back play that has comedic aspects to it and is just fun to look at. It is as entertaining or more as watching an animated movie. My son really enjoyed watching me play the game.

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