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Hell's Kitchen

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A "Kitchen" suitable for certain tastes

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 19, 2008

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Don't like cute, culinary choices? Looking for a more hardcore cooking experience? Tired of Mama (from Cooking Mama) talking to you like a good little boy/girl? Then step into this game.
Here, Chef Ramsey will yell at you in order to get you to serve your customers as fast as you can.
You control both the waiter and the cook here. As the waiter, you seat your customers, take their order, serve the prepared meals and clean up afterward. Just like Diner Dash.
As the cook, you have to prepare up to six ingredients with a single button push (depends on level of difficulty.)
Then, you put the right combination of ingredients in a pan or oven. When that happens the resulting dish will cook for a set time, indicated by a number next to that dish. After that, you drag it to the serving area.
Every time you use an ingredient, you have to prepare it in order to use it again. Also, different dishes require different cooking times.
Strategy and timing are everything here. You have to plan which ingredient goes where and also have to put in the last ingredient in each dish so that all the dishes will finish cooking at about the same time so you can serve them all at about the same time. This is how you get a great rating.
If you're slow, or if you slip up, a gauge on screen will rise, and Ramsey will scream at you. It falls if you give fast service and you prepare meals and serve them properly.
If the gauge fills up, you fail the level and must start over again.
You pass the level if you serve a set number of customers properly. You get a rating from one star (terrible) to five stars (perfect) and move to the next level.
The game looks good and I had little trouble with the controls, but the gameplay can get stale very quickly.
If you don't mind being verbally assaulted by Ramsey and are looking for a hardened mix of Diner Dash and Cooking Mama, rent the game and give it a try.
Otherwise, steer clear.

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Good Computer game

posted by Irish79 (APOPKA, FL) Feb 12, 2009

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This game was okay. At first it was nerve racking to get through level with Gordon constantly yelling at you. It only took me a total of 4 hours to beat the whole game. If you are looking at something to pass the time late at night then this is the game for you. If you are looking for something that has longer game play or more complex game play, skip this game.

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Above Average

The Wii version was better than the PC version

posted by ninjakx (BILLERICA, MA) Dec 5, 2008

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I would say that this raised my expectations mainly because they added an multiplayer element to this game making a little more difficult and added more to the depth of the game as opposed to the PC version. The only issue is that I breezed to the game pretty quickly mainly because I played the PC version first. This is defn worth the rental but there is no reason to really keep it because once you get all 5 stars for each day what is the point of playing it? You have gone as far as you can go in the game. That is the only real drawback for this game. Once you beat it there really is not very much replayability even when you are playing with friends it starts to get tedious after a few hours. But it is a great Brain Challenge type of game and Gordan Ramsay would be proud. I just wish they did a career mode thing in which you were a contestant and you had to pick your team just like the show and compete with the other team. Oh well maybe in the sequel.

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