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Very Good


posted by xPoWPoWx (HENDERSON, NV) Mar 15, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

7 out of 13 gamers (54%) found this review helpful

This game as you already know is purely cinematics. Cant stress that enough. if you are the type of gamer that cuts to the chase and skips passed the cut scenes of a game, this is definately not for you. As for the rest of you this game offers a very deep, methodical story, that keeps you interested and wanting to see what happens next. The game play starts out dull then becomes natural after the first few chapters. As you reach the ending the controls are just repetitive, useless and dull once again. The game was fun and worth the rent but when I was near the end I was just wanting it to be finished. Its a nice new genre, but I doubt it will catch on to well. I recomend the rent, but personally after I had finished I am glad i hadn't purchsed it, as it offers re-play to only the biggest of fans. I rate this game a 8.5 since it is a step in a new directiion... -P.S. PARENTS DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS RENT THIS GAME. IT CONTAINS VERY VULGAR LANGUAGE. FULL ON NUDITY AND A PLAYABLE INTENSE LOVE SCENE.....

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Brilliant... but boring

posted by DoubleGulp (TUCSON, AZ) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

17 out of 33 gamers (52%) found this review helpful

I'll hand it to Quantic Dream, they've created a fascinating and unique game. Unfortunately at times the game can be somewhat irritating and dull too.

First off the positives. Heavy Rain is beautiful. The characters and settings look realistic and highly detailed. It's very easy to find yourself staring at the surroundings and ignoring the actual gameplay. The facial animation and texturing I thought was done exceptionally well for the characters. The graphics on this game were very polished.

The story in heavy rain was also engrossing, the characters were unique and evoked emotion from the player. I enjoyed the way they handled storytelling by jumping from one character's vignette to the next but still keeping them tied in to the underlying story.

The big weakness in heavy rain was also it's greatest strength. That is it's attention to detail. We all take for granted are daily tasks and our movements in general. When those things are replicated in game via quicktime actions, it tends to get tedious. Movements like taking your walled out of your pocket, brushing your teeth, turning the car ignition and putting it into drive. Each one has a set movement during the game and it can really make the game monotonous at points.

The controls for moving the character could also be very irritating, I often found it hard to get maneuvered around the simplest of objects as moving the stick slightly to the left would often times have me walk into a completely opposite direction down a hall I did not wish to go.

Overall though, complaints aside, Heavy Rain is a game that really should be played by anyone who enjoys a well told story. Like any good book or movie, there will often times be lulls, but it the long run it really doesn't take from the experience as a whole.

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GF Rating


Unlock like any other !

posted by ctrain831 (DAVIE, FL) Mar 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

9 out of 17 gamers (53%) found this review helpful

This game is unlike anything that I've played before. The graphics are gorgeous. Faces and character details are great, especially in cut scenes, however some of the environmental details are sacrificed to get these beautiful faces.

The story is AMAZING! It's very interactive with a number of different endings and pathways to the endings. I have never been so engulfed in the story of a video game. Some things are slow at times, but these times are important because they draw the player into the characters lives in the game. This makes you feel much more connected to the story. It's enjoyable to play through a couple of times to see the alternative stories and endings.

My only complaint about Heavy Rain is the controls. There are dozens of times when the camera placement is irritating and in the way. You can move the camera, but only between a couple of preselected angles. This game doesn't require any precision with movement so it doesn't ruin the game. It does distract you from the incredible story at times especially in some of the quick escape type scenes.

I won't spoil the story, but I will say that this game is definitely an adult game. There is nudity, sexual assault, gruesome violence, and lots of drugs and alcohol. All of this is necessary for the story. I couldn't believe how far they went with some parts of the story. I was constantly being wowed by the in your face brutal gruesome content. It was amazing.

By far the most original game that I've played EVER! Completely fresh approach done nearly perfectly, other than the camera placement issues.

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