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posted by BossSnake (MARSHALL, MN) Feb 24, 2010

Member since Oct 2006

Grasping a concept of a real life simulation influenced by one individual seems much more intimidating than an interactive movie. The transformation from interactive movie to real life simulation takes place in the first 5 minutes as the plot attacks the player.
Influencing the player with the responsibility over 4 lives increases the affect that each decision, whether good or bad, feels fully lived.

Moving to mechanics: creating a cinematic experience with a "modern" style of controls would be clunkier than what they engineered. With camera angles changing in high, rapid frequency, using a joystick to move solely would cause a higher amount of frustration, thus using R2 as the movement with the joystick as a direction keeper.
Though the movement can be cumbersome in slightly confined locations, movement times are separate from interactive scenes, showing the amount of polish and experimentation that they would have done while making the game.
Through personal experience, the choices of camera and controls make for "human mistakes." One moment told me to go to one place quickly, and I wasn't cognitive of where that location was in the short amount of required time--failure, all because I wasn't calm and collected in what was to be done and where what was.

Issues with mechanics aside, the story potentials make this a personal situation for everyone, inspiring emotion in the consumer and showing what Grand Theft Auto left out: consequence.

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heavy rain

posted by fernandope (SYLMAR, CA) Feb 24, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

its a awsome game

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Ever wanted a movie to go your way?

posted by Hansolo (SAINT MATTHEWS, SC) Feb 24, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

I have never felt so drawn into a game as this one.The closest thing I can compare it to is an old Dreamcast title called Shenmue.If you played that then believe me when I say Heavy Rain is the perfect evolution of that idea.The game centers around 4 main characters that you will take on as the game progresses.Its being called an"Interactive Drama"and that's exactly what it is.The first of many imitations I'd bet.You are in complete control of every aspect.You can interact with nearly everything.Even mundane things like taking a shower somehow keep you involved enough not to put it down.You will be given choices to make throughout the game,and the decisions you make will shape the story,and for the most part whats done is done. If you made a mistake..better luck next replay.The controls of the game are very simple.Even someone who has never played a game can get into this one thanks to yet another unique way of selecting difficulty.Pressing the right button when prompted or mimicking an arrow movement with the R3 is all it takes.One thing I want to note is that finally there is a game that makes the sixaxis useful and responsive.You'd almost think it was a Wii game at times.Once the story begins to take off clear your schedule cause you're not gonna wanna stop.The intriguing mystery will keep you guessing just like a good plot should.The graphics are just astounding and so realistic at times you may forget its just a game.The only real complaint I've had was that some of the voices sound robotic and unemotional,but the story is so good you will look past that. Keep in my mind that this isn't a shoot everything you can,or a hack and slash.Its a story driven Drama that you are in complete control of,but there are sequences of intense action.If you wanna break the plates go ahead.(you'll see what I mean)Its just all done in a very unique way.PARENTS BEWARE the content is very adult.Heavy Rain is going to be a classic,and most likely not the last of its kind. PLAY IT!!!

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