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Very Impressive looking game

posted by lownbreezy (MISSOURI CITY, TX) Feb 25, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

I am very impressed with this game overall. It LOOKS great! It plays like controlling a tank though. When walking around the character sometimes reminds me of Skate 2 when you jump of your board. A run button should have been in this one thats for sure!

The gameplay of this game is what will turn a lot of people off I think. This game isnt much on gameplay as it is reaction. Remember Dragons Lair the old arcade game? Well if you liked that game you will love this game! Its just watching a movie and pressing the requested button within the time given. For me this type of game quickly turns it into a "I want to keep playing to see the ending" and not "I want to keep playing because I am enjoying playing"

But the graphics and story and originality of this game set it apart and dont get me wrong it is a definate play for any PS3 owner! Just be aware of what this game is all about beforehand and you wont be dissapointed.

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If you have a PS3 and don't play you wasted $300!!

posted by DParagon (Uniontown, OH) Feb 25, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

"What an amazing play!" That's exactly what I said upon finishing this game. Not since Mario 64 has something seemed so new, fresh and exciting in the world of videogames. Imagine a cross between the films "Seven" and "Saw" combined with games like Myst and Shenmue and you have an idea of what to expect. This is gaming at the top of it's game (no pun intended) It's like directing your own movie on the fly and watching the results of your decicion making play out on screen. The graphics, sound, controls, and story will grab you in a way that will make you forget your playing a game. Make no mistake, when you pull the trigger in this game you will feel something. If you choose to make love in this game you may feel guilty for your actions. In twenty years of game-play I have never played anything that felt this "adult" and "mature"-something other games-(cough GTA) attempt but never quite succeed at. This is the intellectual's paradise as far as games are concerned. That's not to say it's absolutely perfect. The plot has some holes depending on your outcome, there are a few glitches here and there, and the voice acting isn't perfect, but as a whole the product is an amazing step forward for the medium of videogames. Anyone who has played games since Super Mario World or the origional Sonic will simply be blown away. For everyone else your jaw will drop at least once throughout the experience, and for those who choose to skip out on this one, please don't call yourself a hardcore gamer! Bottom line if you have access to a PS3 and don't play this you wasted $300

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Heavy Rain... WOW!!!

posted by RockBand (NOVATO, CA) Feb 25, 2010

Member since May 2007

This game was everything I expected and MORE!
PROS (...and only pros)
1.) Choices! Even though you would probably play this game no more than 3 times, it's still plenty, because of all the various choices. And I feel that each character has it's own unique choices (even though some are the same characters for each - they've programmed it in a way to make each choice feel unique) This game highly reminds me of those books were you could choose what to do next - "If you want to go outside, turn to page 11, if you want to stay in your room go to page 18 - classics!!!)
2.) Graphics! Even though most in-game graphics are noticeably "in-game" it's still pretty decent looking... NexGen quality. The stuff that really shines though, are the pre-rendered scenes. They look amazing...and then when they really do the "close-up" shots, they look outstanding!
3.) Characters! The characters are ALL unigue! They way they look, act, and sound are truly amazing! Probably some of the best Motion Capture for a game having to deal with a TON of dialogue and scenes! You will DEFINITELY start having feelings for YOUR main characters.
4.) Story Story Story! If you ever watched TV shows like 24, then you will enjoy Heavy Rain's story. I played for 7 hours straight, because I always wanted to know what would happen next!! That's all I'm going to say, no spoiling here!
5.) Music! They have a real-life orchestra and professionally scored! It really enhances those high-peak and intense moments as well as the nice, soft, heart-felt scenes too! Really does the job!
6.) Gameplay! If you're like me, then you'll love the QTE button pressing ala God of War style. But here it's done pretty nice where you feel rewarded for each pressing button you hit correctly, and definitely feel the pain for pressing a wrong button. There are times where you have to press & hold various buttons and as though it may feel awkward, it's perfect because you're performing awkward task
Cons: Walking sucks!!

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