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A beautiful accomplishment

posted by ETAzero (FRASER, MI) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

Heavy Rain is spectacular. It’s a totally different way of playing a video game so different that if you are no open minded you might find yourself shaking your head mumbling “this is not a video game”.

We are so wound up in cookie cutter platforms and gaming that when something truly different comes along its bashed and banged up.

For graphic lovers it’s amazing. The world may need more attention design wise but why? When the character design is second to none.

The story is remarkable (I am about half way through it I think) and it has been awhile for me to get almost emotional while playing a game.

This is a definite RENT and for gamer who are into good stories, suspense, and mysteries this is a MUST BUY.

A solid ‘A’ in my book.

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What more can I ask for?

posted by Whichone (PORTER RANCH, CA) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

This is by far the BEST game I have yet to encounter on PS3. It kept me on the edge of my seat for hours. I was glued to the screen and every moment of the game made me feel like I was actually there. I still gave this game a 10 even though there was a certain problem I encountered. As I was 10 hours into the game with over 47 chapters completed my screen turned black after it was loading or finished loading. My select and start button was fully functional so it wasn't a crash or a freeze. I thought it was a part of the game until 5 mins went by and still BLACK. I quickly went online and checked to see if others were having the problem as well and sure enough everyone was basically reporting the same exact thing. So I was pretty disappointed with the game having troubles and it was only 4 days since the release. So I just quit the game and hoped that my last mission got saved and sure enough it was, however the same problem occurred again. So I reset my system and loaded the game and WHAA BAM!! it was back to normal. Hey I am not a sensitive gamer to the point where if there was one fixable problem I wouldn't be cursing at the world and at the creator. Because this game EXCEEDS that minor/not so minor problem. I would recommend RENTING this game due to the fact that I bought it and I finished it in less than 20 hours. However if you are like me and feel like this INSTANT Classic of a game deserves to be on your gaming shelf by all means BUY it. The Platinum in this game shouldn't be to hard even though I have yet to plat this. But since you get to have chapter select after you beat it go back for the trophies are at a ease. I have yet to figure out if the See All Endings trophy is hard or not. Hopefully it is super hard lol only because I want to be playing this game for another 10 hours minimum.

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Very Good

A very unexpected yet pleasant surprise

posted by LazyLozer (FORT COLLINS, CO) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I remained a huge skeptic of Heavy Rain all the way up until launch. The game looked more like a movie than anything else, and all the action sequences are pretty much just one giant quick time event. There isn't even actualy dificulty in this game, as no matter how poorly quick time events are done, people will always reach the end of the game. All my doubts and suspicions have been confirmed, and I enjoyed the heck out of this game.

Obviously, the biggest draw of Heavy Rain is the story. But what makes Heavy Rain so incredible is that your choices truly do determine how the story unfolds and who lives and who dies. The choices players must make carry such weight that it gives games like Mass Effect a run for their money, and sometimes Heavy Rain even surpasses tites of that caliber. Even though action sequences may be just one giant quick time events, it does not mean they were any less intense. If an on screen command is missed, players will not be forced to start over from the beginning like in other games. Instead, it causes a "misstep" from their character. Long story short, a player canbe either victorious, or suffer defeatin an intense fight. Regardless of what happens, the story continues and along the path prior events have forged.

This game is most certainly not for everyone. Anyone who considers playing Heavy Rain should realize that it is a movie first, a game second. Literally. No, Im not talking about 30 minute plus cut scenes like Metal Gear Solid. But this is one game not meant for fast-paced action-genre lovers. Quantic Dream should be proud of what they accomplished, and Heavy Rain should not be missed by any PS3 owner.

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