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finally something like shenmue !!!

posted by BLiNdPaNdO (SAN DIEGO, CA) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

this game is just perfect i used to play shenmue 2 and i loved and i don't know why they took too long for making another like this but ohh well finally its out if like suspense rent this game

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WOW (no spoilers)

posted by mirvinn200 (CHESAPEAKE, VA) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Dec 2004

I have to say I was really looking forward to this game. All the hype, the video's, previews; all pointed to a good game. None of the previews or articles really could explain the game. Vague details were mentioned, but nothing that really gave you a pinpoint idea as to what it was truly about.

MY TAKE: The controls take a short learning curve but once you get them down they aren't a big deal. The first hour or so is slow and almost annoying. You spend time doing everyday stuff; drinking juice, helping your wife put things away in the kitchen, set the table, and play with the kids. But soon after that the game takes off and you feel compelled to keep going.

The characters you play as become a part of you. Or do you become a part of them? Either way there is a closeness to the people and faces you control like no other game floating around the console world.

The game itself is like watching an amazingly animated movie, but being able to alter the story and outcome every five minutes or so. This game is one of the most unique gaming experiences ever. Your decisions alter aspects of the game, the characters, and the story. Kill the antagonist character or let he or she live? Your choice, whether it be based on your own real life moral compass, or on a gaming whim, can change what happens in the shape-able movie gaming experience.

If are looking for a run and gun, guzzling Red Bull all night game; steer away. If you are looking for the most unique experience where you feel real everyday emotions without the stress of real life cops, killers, and moral decisions; rent this game. If you are looking to not be able to put down your controller even though your significant other is yelling at you; get this game.

Heavy Rain: Like nothing you have ever played; you can take that to the bank.

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Brilliant and one of a kind

posted by Sokuro (PORT NECHES, TX) Feb 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

All I've played thus far was the demo released via the Playstation Network and I'm already so excited to get the real deal in the palm of my hands. While I agree the controls are a little funky at first- one thing I will say is that the sheer depth of interaction is simply amazing. As forementioned in other reviews, walking is awkward but there doesn't initially seem to be a reason for incredibly accurate direction.

One other downside I've found is camera control, with the camera more or less locked to different view angles, it's become apparent that thorough examining of an area is much more necessary than other investigative genres.

With excellent graphics, beautiful interactive controls and(from the brief introduction I received) a positively entrancing storyline- this game is definitely a must-play for anyone who enjoys having a well-detailed movie in their control.

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