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Heavenly Sword


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Heavenly Sword

posted by alnchris1 (BRICK, NJ) Jul 25, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

Excellant game. Great graphics and game play

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Most Powerful Character I Have Ever Played

posted by Germaximus (GLENDALE, CA) May 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

The story is basic but also very poetic. In its simple form it was still beautiful.

The combat is fluid and fun. Bashing the heck out of enemies private parts was hilarious and awesome. I felt like i was fighting off an army of enemies the whole time and it was great.

The cannon parts were sweet. You use a cannon to fend of a huge army out in the land in front of you. You also have to blow up huge machines that are launching their own cannons at you.

Some of the aiming mechanics were frustrating but also very fun. Using the bow and throwing weapons in slow-mo and tilting the controller in order to aim them was pretty neat.

I found all the characters in the game to be pretty interesting.

The final boss was so frustrating it nearly made me hate the game. =p He was really cool and had some great moves, just the mechanics of the fight were super precise.
Also the quick-time events for all bosses were kind of whack, you had a split second to react to them which resulted in unnecessary re-try's.

The graphics are still very nice, some in game cut scene's weren't too impressive but overall they were very pretty.

It's about 5 hours long.

I'm surprised this character isn't shown more as a "role model" as far as female characters go. It's probably because she isn't fully clothed but she certainly was not objectified. She was a strong independent woman. Not only that but the female ninja warriors you come across in the game are the strongest of the normal enemies.

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In it's defense: it was a launch title

posted by yourdog23 (DENVER, CO) Dec 13, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

Heavenly Sword has a lot going for it, but it just doesn't add up to what makes a good game in the long run. Let's start by describing the good. It looks beautiful, even years after its release. The story is actually interesting, almost to the point of engaging. I did find the combo system interesting, and I believe they were much more exhaustive than anything you'd get in a God of War game.

To start off with, this game is extremely short. If you know what you're doing, and are really good at GoW style games, you could probably beat this game in 5 hours. I finished all but the final boss battle on the first night I had this game. It took the second night, and another hour, just to beat the final boss.

The game requires you to know the rich combo system for the final boss battle, yet you don't ever need to use anything other than strong/weak attack through any of the fighting sections. The tutorial section of this game is so lacking that you really do need the manual, since you won't be learning the moves otherwise. Even with the manual, you'll probably need the help of a guide and plenty of patience and retries for the final boss battle (even if you didn't die once through the rest of the game).

The non-fighting portions of this game require the use of the six-axis motion controlling, and are truly frustrating. Again, the tutorial sections of the game neglect to explain this, so you'll be frustrated by motion controls before you even make it out of the tutorial. Thankfully a review mentioned motion control annoyance, which prompted me to look at the manual. Once I figured them out, they made sense, but they were still the most frustrating (minus the boss battle).

This game had promise, and I would have loved to see what would have happened if the above issues were addressed in a sequel. But with the full catalog of PS3 games out there, I can't recommend anyone but die-hard fans of the GoW genre of games put this in the top 40 games in their

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