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Very Good

Great Main Game, Horrible Bosses!

posted by Dwinner9000 (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 16, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This is a short game. It took me about 5 to 6 hours to beat, although I play through games quickly and hardly died in this one.

This story starts off slow, the characters and setting are all weird in their special way, especially your enemies. But Chapter 3 is where the game really picked up for me and where my rule to play one chapter a day was shattered.

The game play is smooth and video never lags despite having literally 1000s of enemies on screen at times. The game has a complex combat system; Combos, Counters, Dodges, Blocks all are executed with different buttons and quick reaction time, although there's nothing wrong with mashing a button if you want to win that way, executing combos, counters, etc. will grant you unlockables and higher mission end rank, it's all really detailed and smooth.

By the end of this short game, everything tied together and I felt good about the story I had completed, honestly, it starts off boring to the point of scene skipping but once you hit Chapter 3 and play as one of the most interesting & quirky characters, it sucks you in, or it did for me.

But one thing ruined my experience, the bosses- and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE- not only because the bosses were the cause of all 6 of my deaths, but they literally break the rules of the game . The best way to hurt them is to counter CERTAIN attacks. It is nearly impossible to counter their melee attacks, sometimes they'll do special things that you can counter and do damage, otherwise dodge- CONSTANTLY.

Honestly, the final boss is the worst! There is ABSOLUTELY no point in attacking him, just counter his range attacks and dodge if he gets to close, that's how I won- almost too easily.

But the bosses being the only negative about this game, it's definitely worth a rent, and it has a lot of replay ability, allowing you to play between any two checkpoints in the story. There are too many fun parts to miss this game. Luckily Bosses are few and far between.

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GF Rating


Heavenly Sword

posted by alnchris1 (BRICK, NJ) Jul 25, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

Excellant game. Great graphics and game play

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GF Rating


Most Powerful Character I Have Ever Played

posted by Germaximus (GLENDALE, CA) May 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

The story is basic but also very poetic. In its simple form it was still beautiful.

The combat is fluid and fun. Bashing the heck out of enemies private parts was hilarious and awesome. I felt like i was fighting off an army of enemies the whole time and it was great.

The cannon parts were sweet. You use a cannon to fend of a huge army out in the land in front of you. You also have to blow up huge machines that are launching their own cannons at you.

Some of the aiming mechanics were frustrating but also very fun. Using the bow and throwing weapons in slow-mo and tilting the controller in order to aim them was pretty neat.

I found all the characters in the game to be pretty interesting.

The final boss was so frustrating it nearly made me hate the game. =p He was really cool and had some great moves, just the mechanics of the fight were super precise.
Also the quick-time events for all bosses were kind of whack, you had a split second to react to them which resulted in unnecessary re-try's.

The graphics are still very nice, some in game cut scene's weren't too impressive but overall they were very pretty.

It's about 5 hours long.

I'm surprised this character isn't shown more as a "role model" as far as female characters go. It's probably because she isn't fully clothed but she certainly was not objectified. She was a strong independent woman. Not only that but the female ninja warriors you come across in the game are the strongest of the normal enemies.

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