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Spread too thin

posted by Diobolis (ALBANY, NY) Jan 16, 2009

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Heavenly Guardian works from the noble concept of fusing top down shooters like Geometry Wars with action RPGs like Secret of Mana. And that's great, a good concept to work from, after all that's basically what sleeper hit Pocky & Rocky was.
But this game is not Pocky & Rocky.
It seems that HG is trying to do two things and as a result failing at both.
The qualities of excellent story, characters and equipment that are essential to RPGs are missing as you are given little more than a brief anime intro about a generic fairy princess collecting generic quest items from generic worlds for her generic love interest.
The qualities of fast paced straight-forward gameplay that are crucial to top down shooters are also missing as you wander mostly aimlessly around large mostly empty maps collecting a number of types of seemingly meaningless treasure and occasional un-marked shooter 'power-ups' which are mostly worse than the weapon you start out with, of course you can't drop the powerups or even see on your screen which one you're using.
The controls aren't great and don't use wiimote waggling at all in fact its mostly an A button B button D pad game.
It plays and looks like a failed super nintendo game, the graphics are terrible, generic low tech sprites
Overall, not a great game

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GF Rating


Not "Heavenly" at all

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 13, 2008

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Heavenly Guardian plays out exactly like Geometry Wars: Galaxies (GW:G), which got my hopes up, because one of my favorite games is GW:G. Then, Heavenly Guardian crushes those hopes.
The player points the Wiimote where to shoot, and uses the thumbstick to move the character about.
To get through each round, the player goes from point A to point B, destroying all bad creatures and the boss at the end of the level.
It's an interesting idea, and I'm up for some fantasy and a shooter, but this game falters on many levels.
Just like GW:G, Heavenly Guardian forces the player to keep pointing the Wiimote on the playing field. If not, the character's attacks will miss their targets.
Second problem: This game looks like it was meant for the DS, not the Wii. Two inches are chopped off each side of my screen, making it harder for me to keep the Wiimote pointed on the game field.
Also, the graphics may pass for a DS game, but they're terrible on the Wii.
Third problem: This game felt rushed. There's some sort of story about a girl who goes down from some snow mountains to see a boy. And there's something about a curse, a town, and a trip over eight locations to find ingredients for a cure for something.
So, is it about a girl seeing a boy or saving a town form a curse or saving a boy from a curse or ... now I'm confused.
And there's no progression of the story after the beginning, or after seven of the eight levels have been completed. It's just go on to the next stage, and the next stage. How boring.
But the thing that turned me off the most is the stage select screen. If you can't finish all eight sections of the game (each taking 10-20 minutes to complete), too bad. You have to start over FROM THE BEGINNING. Ouch.
And a final problem is that far too often I have to fight a boss with minimal firepower.
Heavenly Guardian is a game that should have been delayed so these problems can be hammered out.

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