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I Got Tone! Fighters On My Six!

posted by deekim (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 5, 2008

Member since May 2007

Action, action, and more action. Did I mention the action? It is the most intense and action packed game I have ever played on the Wii so far. Unlockable aircrafts and you can choose your weapon loadouts.

Graphics are a bit shabby at 480i. Can't imagine what it would look like on a regular tube tv. Intense lag during the most intense levels when missiles and aircraft are flying everywhere. Turning is a major problem and re-centering is even worse. Can't use most of your unlocked aircrafts. Even though you can choose your weapon loadout, they are preset options. You can't take one away and put another in its place; it's a pre-packaged deal.

I picked this up for a few dollars and thought it was going to suck because I paid so little for it. Wrong-oh. I've been reading reviews that the controls suck, which they do. It is difficult, which it is. So, why would I like it. I even took this off my Q because it had such low rated reviews. THE IMMENSE ARCADY ACTION!!!

I have been a fan of the F-15 Strike Eagle for as long as I can remember. Though I've tried different aircrafts and loadouts in this game, the F-15 seem to fit me well. I think the difficulty that most gamers are having is that they are not using the right loadouts. If you use the F-15 you can load it out with MRAMs. They lock on to 3-4 air targets at the same time and you can fire up to 4 missiles at once. Even though they don't lock onto ground or water targets, you can still use them as unguided missiles to destroy large battleships, carriers, submarines, etc. when in range at 2000. I was switching to SRAMs while waiting for the MRAMs to recharge. Let me tell you, I was breezing through levels with these babies. The developers should have had annotations to what the weapons do to ease gameplay.

The controls sucked, but this didn't really matter to me when I heard loud tones with the MRAMs. I am, however, now stuck on this one level where I protect an aircraft. Waves of enemy aircr

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i feel the need, the need for speed

posted by BigTung (Austin, TX) Oct 27, 2007

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Member since Aug 2005

- the only wii game with fighter jets, so if you want to play this type of game, this is it for you
- Arcade style gameplay is accesible and fun
- wii controls work well

- Not a sim game, so sim fighter fans, don't pick this up
- Graphics not that great

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Could have been better

posted by metsruel (Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ) Oct 23, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

While i was excited to get this game, after playing only 10 minutes of it. I realized why it wasn't a big seller. The game controls are not easy to learn and when you point the plane in one direction, it goes the other way. I was very unhappy with this game and the reason for the low rating.

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