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Seeking Mediocrity

posted by Iamnobody (WILMINGTON, DE) Sep 25, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

This game has everything you would expect from an air combat game: dull story, cheesy lines and characters that shout more than an Oxy-Clean commercial. But that isn't what most people would consider renting it for. If you're looking for the exaggerated actions and explosions that are usually present, they're here too.

In Heatseeker, you control your plane by pointing at the screen with the Wii Remote. Weapons are activated using buttons. The simple control setup is easy to learn, and works fine until something shoots at you. Then you have to dodge the missile using a roll. (or flares, but that option is less common) A roll is performed by pushing the Wii Remote to the side, which while simple, doesn't pick up all the time. This will result in many cheap hits and deaths.

You'll often be flying missions 1 against 100 or more, so to even the odds you have an unlimited supply of missiles. There are reload times for all the missiles, but most are so short you hardly notice them. Shooting off 300 missiles per mission is fun at first, but after an hour or so it feels more like a cheat code than part of the game.

While your are in a mission, you will receive a huge amount of messages from your fellow pilot, Divot, and any other characters that may be in the mission. Divot in particular is very talkative, and will shout, "DOWNTOWN'S(you) HIT DOWNTOWN'S HIT! HE'S GOING DOWN!" every few seconds when your health is low ... seemingly regardless of whether or not you've actually been hit by anything. It doesn't help that Divot is pretty much useless when it comes to doing anything except being annoying.

The graphics on the game probably could have run on an N64. The planes look like paper, and are ridiculously out of scale with the buildings and ships. I don't expect much out of Wii graphics, but they could have done better than this.

Heatseeker isn't a bad game. It doesn't do a whole lot wrong, but it doesn't a whole lot right either. Rent it, but don't buy it.

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posted by johnny586 (FAIRFAX, VA) Mar 19, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

Heatseeker is, like i said, kinda amazing. the controls are very easy to get used to unlike many other games. one minute or two is all it takes. one bad thing about it is that it gets repetitive. all the missions seem just like the one before. the graphics ore pretty good. overall, it is a good game.

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Good game that was held from greatness

posted by BronxNY (WARWICK, NY) Feb 23, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

This game was surprisingly pretty good, but after the first mission, I returned it. It wasn't that it was not a good game, but that was flawed in graphics, level design, and it was not interesting enough. The main reason is that the missions are repetitive. In each mission, you have 3 or more enemy groups to kill. I will present the mission to you in a flowchart.

START--->1st group--->2nd group--->3rd group--->END

Very repetitive.

Another thing that you can also relate to if you have played NFS: Carbon, is that you have to call a phone number and pay $2.50 to get the codes for the cheats. This was the same for EA NFS: Carbon. The locked cars are already on the disk, but you have to pay EA $$$ to unlock the cars early.

The graphics were also pretty bad. In the 1st cut scene in the game, the plane, the F-22, that you are about to fly, looks very boxy and has very jagged edges that were sharper than a wire fence.

Other than that, it was a good game that because of it's many flaws, was kept from gaming greatness.

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