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GF Rating


not bad but not good

posted by cyrus132 (YUMA, AZ) May 27, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

first this game is a ps3 exclusive. with that being said there is no excuse why this game was not better than a 8.

group play for the story mode: That is some thing I really like. I wish that could be taken to the next level. but i will not talk about that.
nectar: I enjoyed this too because its like a can of instant rage. cool
replayable: because u can do the story with friends gives a good life span

The environment was not reactive and interactive. ex if there was a rock you could not climb ocer it or jump it. shrubs didnt move when teammate walked past it.
The cut sequences were horrific and you could not speed them up or exit them.

i do understand that programing is hard and time comsuming. but when you cant get the 4th guy to get in the darn car......
also when there are 30 bad guys and 4 of yall an you are the only one killen that aint right.

so i have to say, this did not make the cut. if this would have came out on different platforms it would have ranked higher. because there would have been an excuse for the lack of detail of the little thing in the game.

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GF Rating


Yet Another

posted by triplebrav (LEESBURG, VA) May 25, 2008

Member since Oct 2005

PS3 exclusive that fails to show teh power of its processor. I still cant remember why I bought a PS3, In my opinion no games have even held a candlestick to XBOX 360 and Haze keeps the bad tradition alive.

Nectar is probably the worst attempt I've seen to set a shooter apart from the rest of the genre. I honestly think if the game's nectar would've been deleted in developement then it could be an 8 or nine rating. Please let Metal Gear Solid 4 make my PS3 worth the money.

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