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By... farming.

posted by Zero9g9 (MURRIETA, CA) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

31 out of 33 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility allows you to raise a farm and a family from scratch. You start out with a house, some tools, and a dream... And that's pretty much it. From getting married (with a kid too!) to farming to mining to fishing to part-time jobs, ToT has it all if you work at it.

Farming: A wide selection of crops awaits for those who enjoy farming, the heart of Harvest Moon; you can either purchase single bags of season-specific crops at the Souffle farm, or you can pick up a grab bag of seeds for that season which contains random crops. Plantable trees also make a return. Farming has also seen one major improvement; you can walk through your crops. In previous harvest moon games, you usually had to make ridiculous crop setups so you could harvest them all. Well, no more.

Ranching: With a grand total of 8 animals to raise (Not including the many animals you can befriend in the wild), Tree of Tranquility has a rich experience for those who prefer to raise animals in the game. From the traditional Cows and Chickens to the more exotic Ostriches and Silkworms, there's a lot on offer for anyone. You can either keep your animals inside most of the time, or using a handy bell located outside, you can bring them out to pasture for the day. Overall, Ranching is much more streamlined and much less finicky than it used to be.

Mining: For those who love to mine, Mining has made a hard turn for the better; in the mines, you find Wonderfuls of different colors from gem rocks, and Ore of 5 types from normal ones. Unlike previous Harvest Moon games, you have to take your wonderfuls and ores to the blacksmith, who refines them for you instantly into metals or gems which can be used for upgrading, selling, or to turn into jewelery.

Fishing: Fishing remains pretty much the same from past Harvest Moon games, with a grand total of around 6 locations for you to fish from this time around.

I would say more, but I'm out of space. :P

Overall, it's a very good game. 9/10.

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Omg! I cant stop playing!

posted by rgarcia26 (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 19, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

This game is so addicting its unbelievable. Its filled with so many things to do, you'll be catching yourself going to bed every night extremely late. The customization is insane from what to dress, what girl or guy to marry which animals to raise and the list goes on and on! This game is a must have for Harvest moon gamers. Newbies? its definitely worth a rental. There a few little tweaks a wish they could've fixed before releasing the game. The Now Loading screen that appears when u go from different sections of the town can get old and sometimes it feels like its slowing the game play. The music can get crazy dull and repetitive, Ive found myself muting the game lots of times! Other than that the game is excellent!)

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Get Ready to get HOOKed!!just somethings are wrong

posted by Cnart216 (CLEVELAND, OH) Oct 9, 2008

Member since May 2008

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Harvest Moon is a solid game, Its just the little things that you can pick on. This time though, the island is HUGE. There are lots of places to go and some parts aren't avaible from the start. The people and maybe future wives still only hit you with one liners when you talk to time witch I hate because you really can't have a conversation with them or get to know people they way you would like. There isn't short cuts threw fields and you can't jump over anything so your stuck with a certin path you have to take to get some were. The sound.......What sound......well when there is a voice over its very low quality, but some of the sound effects isn't too bad. The WII controls also are very sensitive. You'll catch yourself watering of swinging you tools for no reason just because you moved the controller a little bit. The GRAPHICS could of went threw a next gen change to but they didn't. This means it looks like it was made for the PS2. Finally, the energy bar decreases much to fast and its hard to get things started the way you want too, because my character is to tired at 10 am in the morning. Everything else about the game is pretty fun. There's tons of Stuff to COOK, BUY, RAISE, lots of different seeds and the part-time jobs help pass time away. The mine is pretty cool too and a good extra way to get resources. The game main focus is about getting money. also the animals are pretty cool and getting the house together way you like is cool to. If your a Fan you'll love the game. Just dont expect this to be perfect.

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