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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility


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Raise Shelly's Heart Level

Shelly gains heart points every time you talk to her to request a rucksack upgrade, even if you don't have the items to get the upgrade. To quickly get Shelly to 10 hearts, request the rucksack upgrade over and over when you don't have the necessary materials with you. This is useful because the amount of money you make working part-time at the Tailor Shop is based entirely on Shelly's heart level. If you raise her heart level this way, you can easily make a lot more money in your part-time Tailor Shop work.

Increase Villagers' Affection

Give villagers undesirable gifts and you'll get unlimited chances to give them better ones. Their affection will stop at zero, so don't worry about negative numbers. Giving hundreds of desirable gifts is an easy way to raise heart levels.