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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns


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Rippoff if you've played the ds version.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Jul 17, 2012

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The game is good if you haven't already played the ds version(which came out months earlier). The only differences were worthless and not worth the time it took to alter it.

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Really Bad

Unnecessary Tedious Additions Ruin a Good Sim

posted by druidzwolf (ALHAMBRA, CA) Apr 13, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I love the aspect of raising animals and crops and building friendships, & Harvest Moon games revolve around rewarding patience. However, this title vexes my patience in ways that the reward afterwards aren't worth it.

Half the characters live on the other side of a mountain which is really annoying to cross over, especially since I know my animals will get ticked off if I don't get home in time to put them back inside. My pets would do it for me, but it takes FOREVER to the get their friendship levels high enough to take care of all my animals. I miss Save the Homeland where if you spent a couple days with your dog he loved you to the maximum <3

The distance between the two towns reduces with time, but it's still annoying.

Also, they've added the most annoying "freshness levels" to everything. Combined w/ TIMED requests, this is just terrible to me. I have very little backpack space, so I sell items to get more space & get the highest profit before it lowers in "freshness," then I get a request from a villager who wants an item but I don't have enough time to find it again before the request deadline. Because I can't store things! Because everything rots!

The only way to store things w/o them rotting is to use a cart that you don't get until a few years into the game. Omg.

Also, since you only get to have animals OR crops pretty much, this makes cooking very hard. And the game's storyline revolves around cooking. I either have milk and eggs or only vegetables. And I can't like save my ingredients and move between town to compensate for this. Because they'll just rot. ><

The characters have decent design. All have kinda chubby faces though. But decent personalities. If I could save in the middle of the day it'd be easy to just pick up and relax w/ this game. But alas it's only before bed. I get bored before a whole day ends b/c I'm too busy "traveling" or realizing I no longer have an item I need, then getting annoying and turn

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Worst programming ever

posted by jajjschulte (MILFORD, CT) Sep 30, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

this game could be fun it really could be but i can get past day 11 in the thing it tells me that there is a game error and resets the game. Sad for a harvest moon game i must say. The 3d works great and i hope if you rent it you will have a better chance then i did.

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