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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns


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Brilliant, but flawed.

posted by Morgstang (DOVER FOXCROFT, ME) Jan 21, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

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This game is a fairly good Harvest Moon game. It goes back to the old Magical Melody style. I'm going to give you the game play, since you already know or will know the plot to the game.
There's the same over-head perspective, same animal designs (with the exception of new Jersey Cows, Silkie Chickens and Alpacas).
There's a few new additions, such as a cart. You hook your horse up to and store items in, traveling between the two towns. You can move between the two towns, back and forth each season if you'd like. With a fee.
You have to push the animals in and out of the barn. It's a hassle, but you get a technique (such as pushing out multiple at one time). And you can throw the chickens at the doorway and they'll go out/in the barn.
There's also the addition, one of my favorites, of dating. You can go for walks or on dates with the bachelors/bachelorettes and get relationships points from that so you're not just giving gifts to people to get them to like you (still a major part of getting your relationship points up).
But as I end this review there is one matter I'd like to discuss, it's the great freezing problem that all of the games have. It's something to do with the memory cache and it gets too full and the game starts freezing when you're going through the mountain.
There is no real fix, but I've found that if you DON'T do the animal petting (you use the touch screen of the DS to pet the animal and you have a limited time, it's like a mini game). And about every hour, after you save, shut your DS/3DS off and turn it back on. It helps refresh the cache and ever since I started doing these little things, I haven't had another freeze since.
Other than the freezing issue, it's a great game. Should be half priced due to the freezing problem, but, it's a pretty good game. 9/10

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Same game but more available..

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Dec 5, 2011

Member since May 2010

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This game is a good game even with out the 3d function... The 3d function itself is marginal at best.. Mostly though it just make things look deeper, but not much else.. Not a bad game if you like the harvest moon series, but the same faults still apply for this version of this game as it does in the DS version except that it costs less.. This one still might be a better deal...
Towns are divided along the livestock, and agriculture line apparently you can have a opposite function with either town like, a vegtable farm if you are a bluebell farmer, or a animal farmer in konohana, but Those functions are on hold when the game starts.. As Each farm is naturally designed for Bluebell being lives stock, and Konohana being for crops... Still can't shake the some what "padded" feel to this game given how small the world is, and time doesn't stop even when you are in doors, so plan ahead... This game in my book is pretty fair al in all... Try Before you buy!

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posted by gn2007 (SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI) Nov 21, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

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Its a very fun game but there is no way to play for a while if the game freezes non stop it will lock up your 3ds. Idk if the company is going to fix it but its such a shame to a great game

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