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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns


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Very Good

More things to do, more places to explore.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Sep 29, 2011

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The gameplay is similar to the Harvest moon grand bazaar game but with a different plot and all new characters(except for the rainbow attired mariachi brother merchants and the cooking contest judge). There is also supposed to be alpacas, but I'm only in the Fall of the 1rst year right now. If you want to change towns I would advise you to do it before the last cooking festival. I keep waiting until after and loosing the chance because of the Mayor's days off or rainy days(nothing is open for business when it rains all day). You can still travel over the mountain between the 2 towns to accept quests and visit people and merchants(actually you can't avoid it because certain shops aren't duplicated). It is cheaper to buy pets or upgrade carts etc. in whatever town you're living in because the other town will charge more. The mayor gives you the ingredients for the 1rst season of cooking contests but after that you're on your own. Whether you win or loose, it's always best to enter because that's the only way to increase the friendship between the 2 mayors. If you're just a spectator the level doesn't change but the mayor still gives you a small present(usually a seed). The 2 towns and quest element reminds me slightly of the rune factory 3 game but you are able to accept multiple quests(there is no penalty for failing to complete them) and as your quest rank goes up, so does the # of quests you can accept at one time. I just wish there was a seperate tool box because your various tools take up more than a page(total of 4 max,as far as I know) of your storage(cart). The storage chest in your house leads directly to your cart which you hitch your horse to so you can take it wherever you go(except indoors so make sure you put your quest items in you bag). All the necessary tools will be given to you sometime in the 1rst season but the rest you will get as the reward for quests completed.

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Farming FANATIC!

posted by Ariesminded (ASHLAND, VA) Jun 19, 2012

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Okay, I confess I am an adult, but Harvest Moon has always been one of my favorites. (This includes Rune Factory for those of you who may want to try the Future in Farming!)
Now the only problem I have is that I need to buy the game and it's "Not for Sale!" Waaa.....

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The game is in short supply for no reason???

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Oct 17, 2011

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Campare this game to any other game in the harvest moon, and you find alot of the options have been made fairly prefab... Compare this to any other game in the harvest moon and you don't find a lot of variety.. There are two farms and one specializes in livestock, and the other is geared for agriculture... -_-
To win the game you have to win a cooking contest...But this seems like a means to pad out the game.. Catching critters is possible, in fact that is the only thing new in this game... Strange that they don't bother to make the plot about using the critter capture system, but what ever.. I don't think it would be worth the purchase for a used game, when the 3ds version is set for a Nov. 1st release, and is planning to sell for only $10 more, than the harder to find ds version... It is your call but I think I will wait, and see what the 3ds version is like. If you aren't planning to buy a 3ds, then you can find the normal ds version at amazon for about $30 (which is a tad steep)... 3ds owners will want to wait for the 3ds version to come out.. 3ds version is set at a price tag of $40... We shall have to wait, and see if the 3ds version is better.. Try Before You Buy...

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