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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

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Funny Thing

First go to May's garden. Stay in it until 8:00PM, then go inside and try to go upstairs. You can't because Hannah the dog barks at you.

Harvest Goddess Sprites

1. Give Harvest something everyday until year two on the 23 day of spring. 2. Give her a junk ore on that day. 3. She will disappear for a long time. 4. Marry doctor. 5. In year three go to mother's hill. Everyone will be running around saying someone fell off the hill. 6. Doctor comes in saying the child is screaming Moma farming. 7. Go back to the farm. 8. One year later Doctor will tell you that it was the Harvest Goddess that fell off the hill. 9. In year five she comes back. 10. Throw a gold ore in and she'll grant your wish. 11. You can get clothes like Tifa, Clothes like Yuffie, Lots of money, or a baby boy. 12. Have fun. 13. Try to just give her flowers.

Boy's Favorite

There are five men to choose from to marry. They are Cliff, Gray, Doctor, Kai, and Rick. In order to get one to like you, you must give him gifts and talk to him. Giving one gift per day is suggested, just to budget. Each man likes and dislikes different things, and loves to get presents on their birthdays. The following is a list of the bachelors' information. The name beside "Marries" is the girl that the bachelor will marry if you do not try to marry him. Once the man you want to marry hearts turns bright red, you can buy a Blue Feather and propose. --Cliff--: Likes chocolate, scrambled eggs. Birthday: Summer 6. Found: At the church or inn. After he gets a job he is usually at the wine cellar or inn. Marries: Ann. Note: At the end of Summer, Duke (the wine guy) will ask you to help harvest grapes. He says that you may bring a friend. If you do not bring Cliff, he will leave the game permanently, due to lack of money. --Doctor--: Likes: Any herb, apples. Birthday: Fall 17. Found: Base of mountain, hospital. Marries: Elli. --Gray--: Likes: Lumber, chocolate. Birthday: Winter 6. Found: At the library or the blacksmith shop. Marries: Mary. --Kai--: Likes: Corn. Birthday: Summer 22. Found: Beach or in restaurant (on the beach). He is only in town during Summer. Marries: Poupori. --Rick--: Likes: Eggs. Birthday: Fall 27. Found: Bench (beside teh supermarket in mornings), Rich Farm (chickens). Marries: Karen.

About Cliff

Cliff likes wild berries,wine,scrambled eggs,and chocolate.His all time favorite is curry rice.Cliff is a new fellow like ur character shy one though he really loves curry rice.His birthday is Summer6.Go in the winery where Duke and his wife r.Duke would ask u around Fall17 or at the end of the summer. If you don't marry him he would marry Ann.If you don't have the recipe 4 curry rice here it is CURRY RICE-CURRY POWDER+RICEBALL+POT.


If you want to marry Gray try giving him a whole lot of branches. Then on his birthday (Winter 6) wrap up a bottle of wine and give it to him. His heart should change color.

tea party harvest sprite

If you get your affection high enough you will recieve the invitaion to their tea party budum. It is hard to get it high enough for all the Sprites in the first year because the only time a tea party is available is the first season. In the second year it should be high enough to get them to. You should check your mail box everyday in the first season if you have three or more hearts for all the Sprites. But make sure you take the invitaion you get from the mailbox to the hut on a day none of them are working. After the tea party, budum, you will recieve relaxtion tea leaves. It is important to make sure that you go to their huts as soon as you can once you get the invite, for it may be too late if you wait much longer. I am going to start a new game and check out more about the tea party, so I can be sure to remove all doubt from certain factors that might affect the tea party.