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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

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posted by KashiChan (SAN DIEGO, CA) May 1, 2006

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I think is the best Harvest Moon yet. Why? Because the graphics rock, the people are kinda..more real and stuff happens and occurs by from your actions. Ok I know this is really small but, I really hated having my child, (in the game of course) become a toddler so fast. It just didn't seem fair. I also luff the possibilities intertwined in it; the many suitors, the hurrendously large town; It all came together magically. I also think they added more realism in the form of the town. There's no food or fodder in the winters. It all counts.

||||-|\|\|\\| KashiChan

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Probably the best one out!

posted by gonzo3333 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 15, 2006

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28 out of 31 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, which came out for Gamecube before this, was kind of a disappointment. While it was good, it was nothing like the others. This however, lived up to it's name!!

The graphics aren't that good. They look like N64 if anything. But it still fits the style of Harvest Moon, so Natsume has an excuse...

There's a different song per season. The Spring version is an upbeat song which is like most of the others. The Summer version is long, and has many "tropical" instruments such as bongos, maracas, etc. The Fall version is a more tranquil version than all the others. It's long, and might not be the type to get stuck in your head. And the Winter song is different than all others. It sounds more like a Christmas tune if anything. There are songs for events, festivals, peoples shop's, etc. So the music in this game is nice :)

The gameplay in this game is strange, but addicting. Like, some might call this game a chore, but those are just the stubborn people who have no patience. Well, maybe not. We all have different tastes :P Anyways... Running a farm and living a social life might seem like a chore to some, but it's a lot more fun than people think. You can choose to be a guy or girl, each who can marry ten characters of the opposite gender. You woo the girl/guy you like, and marry him/her and eventually have a baby. You can also befriend the villagers and get certain items/cutscenes by doing so. You can also befriend the eligible bachelors/bachelorettes regardless of marriage. And also, you plant crops (which is funner than it sounds) raise animals varying from horses, cows, sheep, and chickens (and pets such as a dog and pig) and you can upgrade your tools and much much more!

Replay Value
Sort of like Animal Crossing, you'll play this game for a long time. It's not real time however. And also, if you stop playing, you'll eventually feel an urge to play again.

This game is a buy! Rent if not sure!

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Harvest Moon The Majestic Magical Melody

posted by malban (ALEXANDER, AR) Jun 22, 2008

Member since May 2008

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

In this game, you're a young unmarried farmer. You're in a new town with not very many people. First choose your home and name. The first few days will be the introductory days. Neighbors will come and greet you. (No jello molts or brownies though.) Darn! Your goal is to collect as many "notes" as possible to free the fairy queen from her stony coma. But that's not all. After collecting the fifty notes you need to free her you're encouraged to collect all one hundred. Oh my! That's a lot of notes! But if you're really a game geek and really want to be done with this game you will prevail and finally be able to get a new game! The notes you collect will depend on what you do. The more you vary your days, the more notes you'll get. This game is just as farmy as AWL but has more livelyhood. It has horse racing, festivals, contests and much more people. Your choice for marriage is much more varied. You don't have three choices for marriage but rather twenty-three; for each gender. This is my first review for a game.
So I say good-bye for now until my next game review. I hope to see you again.
grammer phartz r awsome,
signing out,
dragon drawer
or malban

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