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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness


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Really Bad

Same old same old + more tediousness

posted by fnf101 (HINTON, WV) Apr 22, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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Controls: The games uses the DS stylus, it doesn't let you use the d-pad for movement AT ALL. I didn't like watering my crops 2-3 times or missing them completely, and IT IS VERY COMMON TO DO. Stamina is hard to gain starting off, it makes growing crops a lot harder. The controls are BAD, VERY BAD. Why can't you play the game with the d-pad also? WHY!?

Game Play: Same Old Harvest Moon, but you have to spend tons and tons of money on almost useless upgrades. They should have renamed the game "Harvest Moon: Useless upgrade edition. The amount of wood and money that you need for this game really does it in, which makes the game 98% about gaining money. I'd much rather play a remake of Harvest Moon Back to Nature, Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral town, the N64 version, or even the snes version. The interaction with the citizens is the same old, which you'd think they could improve it by now, it isn't 1997 anymore.

Grafx: The graphics were good, but the placing of the buildings, and the placing of other houses were horribly bad. The outside of houses are also very bland, no fences, or other stuff.

Sound: The music isn't noticeable, and it doesn't stand out. The Sound EFX are the same old, doesn't matter, they get the job done.

Story: Like other Harvest Moons, it doesn't really have much of a story to even be concerned with. Not that it takes away from the game, but some sort of story progression would be nice, again this isn't 1997.

Final Thought: This is not really worth renting. Look for Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town on ebay, it is worth buying. It is x10 better than this game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Best HM game ever!

posted by Amiona (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) Oct 26, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I have played almost every HM title out there and have been disappointed ever since the first game for PS2. I give HMIOH an 8 because it feels like the first time I played this series. It's not hard at all to get use to the touch screen and I think they did a great job using the full potential of the DS. Sometimes it can get tedious moving items in the rucksack but you get over it. The characters aren't emotionally detailed, but most HM are that way. It does take a long time in the beginning of the game to get things like animals and lumber, but that makes it more challenging than other HM's. Not to mention its neat to see the people unlocked. I played HMCute and liked it at first but quickly hated it, it's so boring. So if you want a new DS game or a new HM game, Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness would surly be the best descion.

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GF Rating


Harvest Moon: Island of Disappointment

posted by Guiltl3ss (SPOKANE, WA) Sep 30, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

When I was young I used to spend hours on my Super Nintendo playing a simple farming game. Years later, and tons of sequels as well, Harvest Moon became the definitive console simulator for not just farms, but for economics as well. But the newest Harvest Moon brings the franchise down a notch.

Story: Harvest Moon games never have been very strong on story, and IOH (Island of Happiness) is no different. It does add a bit more drama to the classic "Oh, I just got a farm" cliché.

Gameplay: Wake up, do farm work, go to bed. Its classic Harvest Moon we all love. You choose boy or girl this time around, which is nice. You can pursue a love interest as well. Upgrades for tools are more about combining items than random luck or knowing where they are. All in all, the game plays really smooth and is a lot of fun.

Controls: The is the weakest aspect of the game by FAR. Dpad and face buttons let you access 4 different tool slots and the movement is handled by stylus alone. Which wouldn't be bad, but farming the right block of land is frustrating at best, constantly wasting precious energy on taking care of the same spot. Movement doesn't work that great as well, as your hand easily gets in the way of things you need to see.

Sound: The music is calm and soothing and the sound effects are nice. Nothing amazing, but it wont bore you to tears.

Final Impressions: This game would be a LOT better if the controls were fixed and they let you do more before passing out, but its still not horrible. Harvest Moon fans should play this game, otherwise I would recommend avoiding this one.

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