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The only place where you can litter is on your field. Anywhere else will cause people to begin disliking you.

The Harvest Witch

Her birthday is on Winter 29. She lives in the small hut near the mansion. She likes Red Grass and Poisonous Mushrooms, and loves Rainbow Curry.

Special children

If you marry either the Harvest Goddess, Harvest Witch, Princess, or Furen, you may get a special child. This is a child that wears different clothes and looks differently instead of the child you will get by getting married to any other girl.

Eligible brides

Flora, The Harvest Goddess, Keria, Leia, The Witch Princess, Muffy, Nami, Lumina, Celia, Ann, Popuri, Elli, Karen, and Mary.

Shop hours in person 1

Vesta's Farm: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.; closed Mondays

Shop hours in person 2

Van's Shop: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; only open on dates with a "3" and "8" in them.

Shop hours by phone 1

Poultry Farm: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Closed Sundays

Shop hours by phone 2

Yodel Ranch: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Closed Sundays

Shop hours by phone 3

Supermarket: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Closed Tuesdays and Sundays

Shop hours by phone 4

Saibara the Blacksmith: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Closed Thursdays

Shop hours by phone 5

Gotz the Woodcutter: 11am to 4 p.m.; Closed Saturdays

Shop hours by phone 6

Church: 12:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Shop hours by phone 7

T.V. Shopping Channel: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Open every day

Lumina 1

Birthday: Spring 29

Lumina 2

800 love points: RelaxTea (Pot, Relaxtea Leaves)

Lumina 3

500 love points: Diamond, Pink Diamond

Lumina 4

Strawberry Milk (Pot, Milk + Strawberry)

Lumina 5

Baked Yam (Oven, Sweet Potato)

Lumina 6

Dry Curry (Frypan, Rice + Curry P)

Lumina 7

Omelet (Frypan, Egg + Milk + Oil)

Lumina 8

Omelet Rice (Frypan, Egg + Milk + Oil + Rice)

Lumina 9

Black: Mansion, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Lumina 10

Purple: Your house after purchasing the DVD Player

Lumina 11

Blue: Goddess Pond, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Lumina 12

Yellow: Lumina's bedroom, 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Saving time

While in a building, equip a tool from your rucksack. Then, access your map via the touchscreen. For example, if you have your watering can while using the map, touch one of your crops with the stylus to water that specific crop. This is a great way to take care of crops, gathering building materials, etc. while wasting no game time whatsoever.


Once you have opened up the second mine, spend some time in it to mine as many diamonds or pink diamonds as possible. Instead of selling them, give them to the girl of your choice. Almost every eligible girl loves receiving diamonds, which give two thirds more affection points than just flowers or other basic gifts.

Cheap items to sell and unlock Harvest Sprites

This trick requires some patience and quite a bit of money. Having the Miracle Gloves also is recommended. Call up either of the livestock farms and buy as much fodder/feed as you can afford, usually in amounts of 99 each. Sell all of them, which is easy with the Miracle Gloves equipped. The Sprites require the following numbers to be unlocked. REMEMBER: All the sprites unlocked are part of the harvest team.


About 500 items sold.


About 1000 items sold.


About 5000 items sold.


About 10,000 items sold.


About 30,000 items sold.


To get as high a friendship as you want with anyone in town, repeatedly try to give them your pet. If you have the Love Bangle equipped (not necessary for the effect), you will see that every time you talk to a person with a pet in your arms their friendship score will increase one point. If you do this inside and have a lot of patience, you can get someone to as high a score as desired within one day. This method is also useful for unlocking the Channel 7 Harvest Sprite, who will appear the day after you earn at least 100 friendship points with someone. If you do not have the Love Bangle equipped, then just show your pet to someone 100 times.


Instead of putting everything in different squares, put them together. For example, if you need two of the yellow flowers put one in one square and the other in the same square. It should now read "2".

Watering can

To increase the rate at which your watering can powers up, repeatedly fill it up at any water source, such as the pond at your farm. When you have filled it up enough times for your taste, use it once and your experience with it will increase significantly. Even when it is near Mystrile level, each time you fill it will count as one value better then the three to four uses per value it took before. This is easiest if you have a basement, because you can use the watering hole in it to avoid passing time during the day.

How to become a billlionare and get an island

wait till its winter then make the fishing team from the harvest sprites fish at the beach for a week. then do it again. Then youll have ALOT of money! if you have enough money then the mayor will come to your door the next morn and ask if you want to buy the island that you can build a cottage on!!!!!!!!

easier first hot springs

You may know that if you activate Flora's blue heart, you wil get the first hot springs. Sometimes that doesn't work, but if you get married you will automatically get it.

how to get the circus grounds

To get the circus grounds by Nina and Galen's house, you must have a kid with any of the girls. Then there are 2 people that work there. Barney and Mimi. Mimi tells you that she and Barney can't find enough people to work at the circus.

easy 7 sprites

1) walk down to the end of the road past Vesta's farm toward Mineral Town. 2) press A next to the fountain in front of Lumina's house. 3) press A next to the pond by your stable. 4) fill your watering can 10 times. 5) press A next to the tall stove in the fence at the back of the Inner Inn. 6) go into the Inner Inn, then go up the stairs into the back hallway; go to the farthest side of the tangerine box and press A. 7) press A next to the well on the right side of the Blue Bar.

Super Field behind waterfall

To get the Super Field behind the waterfall you must have of been to the 225th floor of the 2nd mine and gotten the legendary sword. Then have the sword equipped, go up to one of the two big rocks by the water fall and press A. There will be a little motion then you can enter the Super Field! The two great things about the Super Field are you can grow crops in the winter and everything grows a day earlier. So if you wanted to grow eggplants, ususally they would grow every other day, but instead they would grow everyday in the Super Field. Yeah, it is cool isn't it! HINT: If you have cows and sheep, during the winter grow fodder/grass in the Super Field instead of buying a lot of it. Have fun!

Secret Spot of Cropland Sprites

Do not look for secret spot of cropland sprites on rainy days! You have to till and water the cropland yourself. If you do just till on rainy days, the sprite will not appear. Make sure to look on clear days only. Also, there are 3 secret spot of cropland sprites and they are all in different places on games.

Saving money

I know you may think the TV at Van's Shop is cool, but it isn't. If you buy it you will waste that money. Don't but the DVD player either. It only plays one DVD. And that DVD is boring. Trust me.


Did you know that when you have a kid, a couple of years later Nina dies? She does. That is why you may see Dr. Hardy at her house sometimes. By the way, Nina is the old lady that lives on the hill. Se is married to Galen.

Hugh and Katie?

When you start out, Hugh and Katie are cute little kids. But as years go by, they grow up! They become older after 5-8 years was your being your character.

The homeless guy

That old homeless guy that always calls you "Moi" shouldn't be homeless. When you faint, (anywhere but your house, the mines, and the goddess pond) he steals half your money. Always buy then energizer drinks from Van so you don't faint and be careful, especially if you have a lot of money.

Inner Inn

You can go into every room at the Inner Inn but one. On the first floor, there is the lobby, kitchen, and Abby's room. Did you know her husband left her? Anyway, on the second floor in the front hallway, there are Rock's room and Nami's room(seprate). In the back hallway on the second floor, there is Kai's room and a room you wil never be able to get into. Plus Van's Shop.

How to be rich!!

This only works on the boy version, not the girl version. Make sure you have the fishing rod. First, hire the fishing team and tell them to work at the beach. It doesn't matter how many days they work. It would be better to choose 1, it's cheaper. Catch a fish and give it to one of the members of the fishing team and they will take it. Go home and go to sleep and you should wake up with a lot of money.

Blue Feather

To unlock the Blue Feather you must turn a girl's heart red. When you have done this you can buy the the Blue Feather from Karen at the Supermarket. When you have the feather you can propose to the girl and get married.


Celia is one of the girls you can marry. She likes: Cake, curry meals, large fish, and things you dig up from the mine. She dislikes pickles and baked rice cake.

Celia's heart events

Black heart event: Vestas house, 10am to 6pm, not monday, rainy day tell the truth. Purple heart event: goddess pond, 3:30pm to 6pm, not monday (again) tell her she can walk with you and tell her she's not crazy. Blue heart event: Dr. Hardys house, 6am to 12pm, rainy day say your not together. Yellow heart event: Blue Bar 4pm to 6pm, not wednesday, talk about farm life and not about other girls.

Big Bucks Quick !!!

If you want to get lots of money quick then you better listen up. On a Saturday go to Galen's House (the house with all the land around it) between 11am and 12am, don't have anything in your tool square (red) go in and you wil get the fishing rod. When it is Winter go to the harvest Sprite Tree ( you need money to buy medal) and talk to Guts. Hire the fishing team (if you haven't got any sprites for the fishing team go to your house and put your fishing rod into the pond by your stable and you should get one) and youcan order them for three days (I always put seven just in case) carry on as usual. The next day check how much money you have, you should have the maximum! Yay money !!! : )

Horse Bag

If you have not got a horse I think you need to sell 1200 items to get it. Anyway you need to go up to your horse (pick up a weed) and just drop the item. You get a sprite for doing this.

Defeating All The Girls

You know the little dog house your dog is meant to sleep in? Well go there and at 4:44am press a it will say " This is ____ house, as usual he doesn't stay here" or whatever it says. You will be in the excavation site the Witch Princess is there, you fight girls (beware they have rivals with them) and if and when you win you get a bonus title. I don't know about other people but I think it is just used to sell for 100% completion of the game.

Cheap Upgrades Glitch

When you the shopping channel (buy 10 items one each day from the supermarket) get the cabinet. Put the stone cylinder things (put in five) in the cabinet. When you get the house upgrade that needs 700 pieces phone Gotz, go onto House Upgrade, select stone, prepare material yourself. Guess what you get to pay less and you don't even have the right amount of stone !!!

How to win Muffy's Heart

Muffy's birthday is Summer 05. If you don't like to spend much or waste time digging around for expensive gifts, Muffy is your girl. She loves the broaches, necklaces and earrings found lying around in the archeological dig site. Suave bachelors (like your rival Griffin) will bake an apple pie or two because it's her all time favourite. Be sure to see Muffy at the Blue Bar before 5:00 PM then seek her out later on any rainy morning exept Wednesdays down at the beach. Stay away from any gifts associated with small fish and you'll have no problem being asked out.