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posted by Raharu (OWENSBORO, KY) Apr 25, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

12 out of 12 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Don't get me wrong. I love this game to death. It's addictive, and as advertised, adorable. With a ton of events, an extra eligible bachelor (or a bundle if you have Friends of Mineral Town), and some nifty little accessories that make your life a lot easier, I'll be playing this one for a while to come before I send it back. The overhead view and familiar sprites gives it that old-school feel, throwing me back to the fond days of PS1.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature didn't quite give me hand cramps like this one, though. One of my two complaints is the animal-care minigames, which all basically involve the same thing: frantically rubbing the touchscreen back and forth as fast as humanly possible to try to max out affection or product gain via the Touch Glove. It's a chore that makes me dread going to bed and shy away from buying any more animals. However, it'd not actually necessary... but your animals will gain hearts a lot more slowly without.

My only other complaint is the expenses. Unlike some of the previous games, you don't start with a barn or even a coop. Instead you must save up to have one built out of grass, wood, stone, or gold lumber. Anything but gold lumber has a chance to fall down in a storm, killing the unfortunate livestock within... grass even has a chance to fall down in the sun! Stone's your best bet, since the only way to get Gold Lumber is an event in Winter that gives you just one, or to buy it with the construction, which is extremely expensive, and you'll need that money for other things, with 16 buildings/upgrades to be had (even the Bath Room and Toilet Room must be bought seperate). The expenses tend to add up. Well, at least there's a use for those pesky rocks, now!

For all my whining, still a great game. Just keep at it, and you'll have a respectable farm in no time!

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Patience is a virtue

posted by cuteanime1 (FLUSHING, NY) Oct 2, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I've always been a great fan of the harvest moon games. I would always try out the game of harvest moon that comes out, even if its basically the same thing everytime. Yet I always find myself wanting to play it and also getting a hammer and hammering it. I love the new bachlors, I've always been stuck getting Marlin but I can get Skye now. Which is really great!
The thing that really annoys me is 1. PATIENCE!! You have to do alot to raise money so you can get your bachlor to a new heart level. Money so that you can buy barns, chickens upgrades etc!!! And its hard to get as well!! One thing that really helps is one, get vans friendship points up, 2nd is that instead of throwing away weeds keep them in you rucksack and them sell them to him! Little money but helps a little. Also winter is by far the most tiring season ever.Its my first year and I need money but can't grow anything so the only choice is the digsite, if i get 10 of each item no matter how annoying it is, i can get money. And ive been doing this cheat that is SUPPOSED to give me a bazillion G's but I HAVENT GOTTEN ANYTHING!! Thats why im most depressed and i only have like 6 days left of winter!!! but thru and thru the game is well intersting you just need to have patience and there are various ways to cheat this game, little cheats but make a big difference especially the weather cheat!!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Better than Farmville...

posted by DebLee (ALBERTSON, NY) Jan 21, 2010

Member since Jul 2006

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This was a lot more 'old school' than I had expected - the game menus were very simple and boring, and somewhat tough to figure out. The graphics left you wanting more, which is kind of surprising considering the game only came out in 2008.

Aesthetics aside, there's plenty of fun farming to be had! There are several crops for different seasons, you get to raise animals, make friends... everything you'd expect from Harvest Moon.

This game was pretty fun but I've sent it back so I can play one of the newer versions.

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