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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

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Befriend Daryl and Mukamuka (the white monster appears only in winter and early spring). During winter you will get an intermission sequence that shows Daryl and Mukamuka talking. You will follow them. Three days later, walk out of your house at the same time you got the intermission sequence (usually at night). You will get the lizard. REMEMBER: It can only be obtained in Chapter 1.


Befriend Vesta, but you must first get the Strange Hoe from her. Later you will get an intermission sequence where Vesta tells you that you have been doing a good job. She will give you the raccoon. REMEMBER: can only be obtained in Chapter 1.


Acquire all the stone tablets from the dig site. REMEMBER: There is only one per chapter. During the Chapter 6, Carter will give you the dog.


Befriend Romana. Some time in the Chapter 2 she will give you the cat.


n Chapter 2 during summer (you must have already bought the pond), wake up later than your husband. He will wake you, and tell you that there are ducks in the pond. You will then go to the pond with him. He will ask if you want to keep them. Say yes and you will name them. The ducks will stay in your chicken coop.


Some time during the Chapter 1 (summer and later), Takakura will give you a horse, saying that he ordered it for you.

Intermission sequence Nina's Second Race

Walk out of the Blue Bar. If you are lucky, this event will trigger. Nina is feeling lucky when she agrees to race with Hugh. However, poor Nina gets tired quickly. Soon the Harvest Sprites arrive and offer to help her for giving all her "nices". Hugh is almost at the finishing point and is a sure win. However the Sprite's magic will make Nina appear at the finish first.

Weird sickle

Become friends with Dr. Hardy.

Wool clippers

Become friends with Wally.

Getting a bigger field

Sometime in Chapter 3, when you talk to Takakura he will say that he has been thinking about clearing the back area for another field, and he can do it if you order the materials. Go to the Food Storage and order a Bigger Field for 20,000 G.

Intermission sequence Turtle races

Triggered by exiting Gustafa's hut on a sunny day (possibly only in the fall). When you come out of Gustafa's hut, you will see Nina, the older lady, talking to the giant turtle near Turtle Swamp. She says " A turtle vs. a human?! Hahaha!", then they start the race. Nina, although she is old, can race a turtle quite well and wins.

Intermission sequence In Need of a Friend Part 1

Triggered by attempting to leave the farm. When you walk out of your farm's property, you will see Muffy standing on the bridge. She looks sad and you will walk to her. She says hello and then asks if she can talk to you, woman to woman. You will automatically nod and she starts telling a story about her ex-boyfriend in the city. After she is done, she thanks you for listening and hopes she can call on you when she needs you again.

Intermission sequence Blue Feather Proposal with Gustafa

Triggered when Gustafa has four red hearts in his diary and you give him the Blue Feather. Gustafa asks if he can have the Blue Feather when you offer it to him. The screen turns black and returns. Both of two are at Gustafa's Yurt. Gustafa says that he has heard about these Blue Feathers but has not actually seen one before. He thinks he understands what they are for though. He takes it and says, "Thank you. I feel kind of strange...". He then says that he would like to keep his Yurt up where it stands so that he can visit his instruments anytime, but you are welcome to come and see him when he is there. (REMEMBER: Gustafa does live with you on the farm, but he will venture out to his Yurt on occasion; do not be alarmed if he is not home all of the time) He then says he has a gift for you. He tells you that he has been writing a song for you and that he has just finished it today. He wants to know if you will listen to it. You should say yes because he will tell you how he feels about you in the song.

Seed maker

Become friends with Daryl.

Sheet music

Become friends with Lumina in Chapter 3 or later.

Strange hoe

Become friends with Tim.

Strange sickle

Become friends with Cody.

Watering can w

Become friends with Romana.

Weird hoe

Become friends with Vesta.

Drum set

Become friends with Gustafa in Chapter 3 or later.

Fishing Rod G

Become friends with Galen.

Flora's necklace

Become friends with Flora in Chapter 3 or later.

Goat milker

Buy a goat.

Gold medal

Become friends with Wally in Chapter 3 or later.

Ruby spice

Become friends with Ruby.


Can be bought from Van in Chapter 2 or later for 4,000 G.

Small bird

Befriend everyone in town and get every intermission sequence. You will eventually get the bird.

Alarm clock

Become friends with Grant in Chapter 2 or later.


Become friends with Cody in Chapter 4 or later.

Chicken fence

During any chapter, if you have five or six chickens in your chicken coop, talk to Takakura. He will say "My, you are getting a lot of chickens, I can make you a chicken fence". You may then order a chicken fence from the Order Form in the Food Storage for 10,000 G.


During Chapter 2, Van will sell a goat, medicine, toys, and dresses. One of the first dresses is Moomoo Summer and Loves Bears.