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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

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If you become friend with Carter, he will give you his Chihuahua later in the game, sometime after Chapter 4. Carteria the archeologists. He lives in a tent on the archeological site by the waterfall. If your thinking of a gift he likes Milk, melon, watermelon, fish, cheese, Sashimi.

marry muffy easy

to marry muffy give here old coins for the whole spring and she should move in winter first if she has 4 hearts she has such a cute kid

Son's job Farmer


Son's job Musician


Son's job Athlete


Son's job Archeologist


Son's job Scientist


Daryl (scientist)

Daryl (the scientist) LOVES food any kind of food if you befriend him he will give you a seed maker for free. But,he won't accept anything if he is in his lab with his hands behind his back.


Rock likes coins, human statues, toy flowers, and mist moons. Rock's diary is on the table. He wakes up at 12:00. Rock is not much of a farm person. He is also not much of a money person. He is completely broke. When you marry him he will say that he will not work. When you propose to him and he accepts, you will have a short talk with his parents and Nami.

Rock Heart events

The first one is triggered by walking outside the Inner Inn when Lumina is outside. The second one is triggered by walking outside of your home at about 4:00 p.m. The third one is triggered by walking to the corner of the Inner Inn (the side with the kiln). It is triggered easiest by leaving the Inner Inn, then walking left until you get to the corner.

Getting married

There are three people you can marry. Rock lives at the Inner Inn and is 22 years old. Gustfa lives in the yurt by the ocean and is 28 years old. Marlin lives on Vesta's farm and is 32 years old. If you want to marry Marlin give him crops, cook, talk and buy from him. If you show him the feather he will say "What's this?". However on Spring 1 of the second year he will come to your house and propose to you. Your child will have blue clothes, black hair and will be happy and outgoing, as your husband Marlin will give you crops tips. If you refuse his proposal the game ends.

Befriend Gustafa, Rock and Marlin without marrying them

In Chapter 2 after you get married, return to the valley to befriend the other two (now unavailable) bachelors. Give Gustafa flowers (any kind) and within two or three days he will be your friend. Give Rock flowers (toy flowers or mist moon flowers), any of the old coins from the dig site, or statues. Within three or four days he will be your friend. Give Marlin crops that you grew. He takes any of them, but will become your friend quicker with "A" crops or higher. Also, buy seeds from him and he will be your friend in three to five days.

Grade A Milk

Wait until your cow is a sleep (both a.m. and p.m. Push the cow's head so that it will wake up and turn around. Go to the dispenser and take out one Fodder and feed it to the cow. When the cow is finished, milk it with your hands to get four Grade A Milk bottles. They sell for 115 G each, while B Milk sells for only 75 G each.

Son's job Artist


Son's job a Farmer

When he is a toddler if you want him to take over your farm when you die you need to keep him in the barn with the animals. Show him fodder and the animals. He should then take over your farm when you die.

Extra Money

Become friends with Darryll and he will buy you a seed maker. Go buy a bunch of seeds from Vesta, Marlin, or Celia and plant them. When they are ready to harvest, put the crops in the seed maker then sell them and you will get a lot more money for the seeds for selling them and there you go!


Plant the most expensive kind of tree. By year two you should have enough money to buy a seed maker. Your tree should also be bearing fruit. Take the fruit and put it in the seed maker in a couple of HM days they should be seeds. Seeds sell to Van for more than fruit and you only need to sell all but a few seeds and plant those this will get you money quick.


Gustafa likes statues and moon ores. You find them in the ruin. Do not give him fossils or any flowers. Gustafa likes human statues, milk, any kind of flowers. Gustafa's diary is on the couch. He wakes up at 10:00. When your relationship is heating up he will sing a song he has been working on for you. You will hear two parts. The first one is held at the tree by his yurt. The second one is by the waterfall. If you propose to him and he accepts he will sing you the entire song. If you want Gustafa to love you (which takes awhile), go to his house everyday at 10:00 a.m. Give him flowers then talk to him awhile. Keep doing this and he will write a love song for you and give you a flower. Do not give up on him -- he is the best one.


Marlin likes certain types of flowers (experiment with them), curries, and soups. Marlin's diary is in the bushy plants in the house. He wakes up at 6:00. You may think Marlin is just a grumpy person but that is just his way of hiding his shyness. Because Marlin worked on Vesta's farm, it will probably have an influence on your son's interests when he grows up.