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so fun!!!!

posted by gamer333 (MURFREESBORO, TN) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

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After getting married having 2 children and having more money than i need i noticed i really didn't do much of the story and it was the 4th year! This game has so much story and took a very long time. Some worth it some not at all you may want to build your life before anything or you may fail with being so busy.

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Great! Again! (:

posted by xxShayxD (EUSTIS, FL) Mar 12, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I've ALWAYS been a fan of Harvest Moon(: , And its like they are listening to their reviews, and upgrading the game to its best every-time! (: . The game-play is always fun!

Kids - In Animal Parade you can have a SURPRISING TWO kids(:! Boy&Girl! Its a GREAT addition! Now..When can we have the third? (; .

Animals - I haven't beat the game, but there are MANY animals! The horses run A LOT faster than the rest though! I did NOT like how my animals got SICK so easily though!

Festivals - They have decreased in number, sadly.. But, they have more events, in each individual Festival, And they are much more colorful, and enjoyable(: . Eventually, you get tired of them though, and you're like "Ehh, I'll just sleep through today."

Crops - A LOT more crops then normal! Its GREAT! I love planting a bunch of crops, and making my husband water them all! HAHA! (: !

Marriage - In my opinion, you earn hearts A LOT faster than the older Harvest Moons(: . I love the marriage system though(: , Your husband/wife can actually do CHORES in this game! (:!

Overall I LOVE the game, and I am hoping for yet ANOTHER Harvest Moon! Just with a more In-Depth story! (The game can go on FOREVER.) Harvest Moon reminds me a lot of Sims, So.. I think there are still ways they can improve it, Like having an at-least maximum of five kids, So everyone can choose their amount, Because some people might like a lot of kids to do all the chores.. Haha!

As they upgrade, they should add more crops and A LOT more Festivals! I look forward to Festivals! Maybe more fish! And a bigger map?.. (That could be bad, and good..) Defiantly more Bachelors and Bachelorettes! (So we can spend even MORE time choosing, HAHA!)
- - - -
Gameplay: 10.

Story: 8, More IN-DEPTH story, I think. Considering the game can go on a while. (Need something to look forward to, once you've raised a family!)

Graphics: 9, Bigger map?..

Overall: 10.(;

I loved the game! And LOVE the camera addition!FUN GAME!

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harvest moon

posted by kznx04 (BARTLETT, IL) Dec 10, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

i've only played this game for a short period of time and love it! if u read every clue and step you soon get the comcept a couple of times i got frustrated because i did not read the instructions the game told me but i figured it out because my fairy Flinn told me. you can go to town, tucan island, church and other farms! oh,u also raise your own livestock pigs,sheep,cows thats stuff u can also plant to! the seasons change though so be carful! this is a game i recamend to people who love adventure,mystery's and doing deeds to get u somewhere. example: i had to get Bo his toolbox so he could fix the bridge but then he was hungary so i had to get him food. this is definetly my kind of game not everyones though. but to me this is a perfect game maybe when i get the money I'll buy it! XD Harvest Moon is a very great game.

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