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Harvest Moon, Always good.

posted by CoreyKei (OAK CREEK, WI) Dec 30, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

44 out of 44 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Like most Harvest Moon games except maybe 1 or 2. This one is just as amazing as the next. It features many new things that are both fun and exciting. So lets start.

Graphics: 9/10
They are great, the only reason it gets a 9 is because every now and then the frame rate will slow down. It's hard to notice but when you do it's kind of annoying.

Story: 10/10
In no other Harvest Moon has the story line been so expansive and in depth. You have to bring the land back to life like ToT but this time you do a lot more and to get it all done you will probably be 15+ hours in if you do it all REALLY fast.

Music: 9/10
The music is soothing and relaxing. It can get boring at times though since it is the same every day unless raining or storming.

Gameplay: 200/10
It is AMAZING, there are more crops and more trees. There are plenty of things to do and pick from the ground. You have an increase in men and women to marry. More animals to raise. You can ride any animal that has 5 hearts or more. You can even ride circus animals! The festivals have decreased in number but they are far more fun to be at. Time goes slower which lets you get everything done with plenty of time to spend. But having to wait for festivals at night can get boring.

All in all this game is a game that I highly recommend. It's fun for the entire family and has plenty of new and exciting things to keep things fresh if you've played previous Harvest Moons. This one is going to go down as one of the best. Let's hope the ones in the future are even better!

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Harvest Moon Animal Parade. :)

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Dec 2, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

29 out of 30 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

I like this game. I have been waiting a long time for it! I played Tree of Tranquility too and this game doesn't really seem like a sequel like I heard. The story is better! It still has the same old gameplay you would expect from a Harvest Moon game. Including Farming, making friends, fishing, making money, mining, and getting married. But Animal Parade has some new things like being able to have a wild animal as a pet, having (SHOCKING) two kids, and being able to marry the Harvest Goddess Harvest King or a wizard! Animal parade also has the old boys and girls (the ones you can marry) from Tree of Tranquility that you can marry in this game! (Luke is my favorite!) The only problem is you don't meet all of them right away. You have to get certain events to happen farther in the story. Anyway overall Harvest Moon Animal Parade is great and it is way better then Tree of Tranquility. So thats it and I'm glad I could be the first reviewer. :) Sorry if it's longer then you expected. I hope other great Harvest Moon games come out in the future!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Harvest Moon- Animal Parade

posted by maseNjess (VANCOUVER, WA) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First off, let me start by saying two things. One, this is only the third Harvest Moon game I've ever played, so if I seem amazed by something most Harvest Moon games do, forgive me. Second, I only got this game today, and have only played it for a few hours, I am by no means an expert on the ins and outs of it.
Cons- First off, You can't change the camera angles, you're stuck with what the game gives you in that area. This annoys me greatly, but I suppose I'll get over it in time. Second, the controls are slightly confusing at first, sometimes I still have to push a few buttons to remember where my sickle is. Third is that when you're watering or using any of your other tools, sometimes it's a bit hard to know where you're going to end up using them at. I think I've watered more land next to my crops than actual crops thus far. Finally, the music has only changed on the one rainy day I've had thus far. Otherwise it's just been the same old thing, I really wish they would have taken the time to think up of a couple other soundtracks to put on it.
Now for the pros. I love that you can interact with animals, I've never played a Harvest Moon game before that you can go up and pet a random cat or dog. The storyline is amazing so far, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next. You can tell what your animals need, which is great so you don't wind up wasting any more time than you need to. Also, at the end of the day you not only find out how much money you get, but you find out where you get it from. It won't just pop up a screen that says I made 1,000g that day, but it says also where that 1,000g came from, how much of it was from crops, ect. That made me exceedingly happy. Finally, I like how on the map you can see which places you've been to and which you haven't.
Overall I think it's a great game, and what else could I expect from Harvest Moon? I will definitely be buying it, when I get a little more money. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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