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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Extra Relationship Points

Ok, if you turn on a 2nd wii remote and aim it at the screen, it will show a red heart. Rub it over tha villagers to become friends with them faster.

Rob Frost

Keep a carrot in your tool box all year until the winter. In the winter, make sure you have the carrot in your rucksack because in the middle of a snowy night, there will be a knock at your door. It's a snowman named Rob Frost and he says he's lost his nose. Finn says a carrot will do. Give the carrot to Rob Frost and he will thank you. Every moring from then on in the winter, there is a snowman next to your front porch. Press A in front of him and he will give you a surprise.

Married Couples

If you choose to not get married, theses are the couples that will get married. Anissa and Jin, Kathy and Owen, Luna and Gill, Luke and Selena, Chase and Maya, Renee and Toby, Candace and Julius, and Calvin and Pheobe. If you marry one of these people, then the other just doesn't get married and nothing happens. You can also marry the Witch, Wizard (Gale), Harvest Goddess, or Harvest King. You must beat the game to marry the Harvest King.

Circus Animals

Once you give all the circus animals the food they want, you can blow your whistle and it'll ask you where you want to go in the town. That certain animal that hid there will take you there. The circus master's pig will take you home

Grow Grass

Growing grass saves you a lot of money. It regrows every day, and you won't have to make the trip to Horn Ranch to buy fodder. If you don't feed your animals in the moring, they will eat the grass you grew outside.