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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Gameplay Controls

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life


The Button Guide: In the upper right corner of your screen you will find the time of day and a button map of your GameCube Controller. Depending where you are, what you're doing, and who you are facing, words and symbols will appear on the button diagram, letting you choose context- sensitive commands. Equipping certain tools or items will sometimes change the button options. The "Show" command is important for learning the townspeoples' likes and dislikes.

Control Stick Move character
Control Pad Scroll through menus
A Button Function button/talk/open/eat
B Button Function button/cancel function
X Button Toggle quick-item inventory (use C-stick to scroll)
Y Button Function button/train dog/item description
Z Button See view from character's perspective
L Button Center camera behind character/change page (status screen)
R Button Whistle for dog and horse/change page (status screen)
C Stick Move camera left or right
Start/Pause Access status menu, Select = Access pause menu